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Restore Deleted Outlook Emails from Mailbox Safely

There are scenarios when we accidentally delete our data files & realize the mistake. You must have experienced this too. Nowadays, we are getting similar queries where users want to restore deleted Outlook emails. We all know how rapidly Outlook is spreading its user base globally. This is why a majority of users are in search of this solution.

Today, in this article we are going to discuss the possible solutions that can help in a significant manner. If you want to recover your deleted emails, get both the manual & automated solutions in this article.

First, we’ll start with the manual method and then the automated solution. Once we will learn both solutions, we need to look at the advantages & disadvantages of both solutions. It helps you in making a wise choice for the selection of an ideal method.

Restore Lost Outlook Emails by Accidental Deletion

First of all, we are going to learn the manual solution. There are basically two solutions available manually. Both are requested to use this in different conditions.

So, the Microsoft Outlook application stored deleted emails in the deleted items folder for about 30 days. After that, it deletes email permanently from there also. Now, the first manual method can restore only the temporarily deleted emails & the other one can restore the permanently deleted emails.

#1 Manual Solution

Retrieve Temporarily Deleted Emails

  1. Launch Outlook Application
  2. Click on Deleted Items Folder in the Email List section.
  3. Search your Deleted Files in this deleted items folder.
  4. Now Right Click on the Selected Emails >> Click on the Move button >> Click on the “Other Folder” option.
  5. Now Select the Emails Folder >> Finally, Click on OK button.

#2 Manual Solution

Retrieve Permanently Deleted Emails

  1. Open the Mircosoft Outlook application.
  2. Go to Deleted Items Folder >> Click on Recover Deleted Items From Server feature.
  3. Select all Emails you want to recover & then Click on Restore Selected Items >> Click on the OK button.

Important Note: If you don’t have the support of Microsoft Exchange, this method will not be available for you.

Automated Method to Restore Deleted Outlook Emails

Now that we know the manual method, it’s time to learn the advanced & automated method. All the loopholes present in the manual method can be countered here. The reason we call this method automated is because of the involvement of the Microsoft Outlook PST Recovery Tool.

This tool is a dedicated solution to counter all the limitations of the manual method & provide users. If you want to execute the operation with customization settings, this method is the perfect solution. It can provide solutions as you want & saves users’ time, effort & cost.

Follow the steps mentioned below to restore lost Outlook emails in the safest & easiest manner.

Step-1. Launch the Automated Tool & Click Add File to add .pst file with deleted data.


Step-2. Click on Quick Scan to quickly scan the deleted files. You can also select other options as well.


Step-3. Your deleted files will be shown in Red Color. Select required Emails & move ahead.


Step-4. Now Set the Resultant Folder Path & then Select PST as the File format.


Step-5. Click on the Export button to get all missing emails back in your system.

step-5 restore deleted Outlook emails

Advantages of These Methods to Restore Deleted Outlook Emails

Both the methods have their own advantages that we are going to discuss & find which one is proving more beneficial.

Manual Methods

  • The major reason why the manual method is still surviving is that it’s an open-source solution.
  • Users can execute the operation directly from the Outlook application to get their deleted files back.

Automated Solution

  • This utility easily recovers the permanently deleted emails along with contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
  • Users can restore deleted Outlook Emails protected with a password or SMIME & OpenPGP encryption.
  • Along with the recovery of files, it also repairs the corrupted files & then exports them to the destination.
  • Preview & select the deleted emails highlighted in red color for easier identification of the data files by users.
  • The date filter for recovering files deleted from a specific date range helps users to save time & storage space in the destination folder.

Drawbacks of Recovering Deleted Emails with These Solutions 

As we know the advantages, learning the disadvantages of these solutions is also important to know the weaknesses of these solutions. It can help them to select the best tool to restore lost Outlook emails & other data items.

Manual Method

  • If files are deleted permanently & users do not have Exchange server support, then they can’t recover their emails.
  • The manual Method does not have various features & filters like the automated method to simplify & customize the results.
  • Users can not recover password-protected & encrypted data files with manual solutions.
  • Manual Solution sometimes makes structural changes in the files & also does not maintain folder hierarchy.
  • The manual solution mentioned above requires either an Outlook application or the internet for accessing the Exchange Server.

Automated Solution

  • The automated method is not free, Users have to purchase the license. However, it provides a free trial to recover 25 folders/emails. If you want to recover a few emails, then you can use it as well as test the utility.

The Final Say

If you’re facing trouble in getting your deleted files back, you can trust the above-mentioned method as per your requirement. The manual methods are not really practical & that is why experts do not recommend these. Moreover, users also neglect them based on past experiences.

To restore deleted Outlook emails, the automated solution is the most ideal solution so far. The major advantage is that it is safe & saves time for users. This is why users all around the world trust these solutions.

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