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It is a fact that QuickBooks has turned into an outright need for small and medium-sized associations. Its capability of trustworthy accounting and many other features, all available under a single platform, are compelling to users. Despite everything, the product is generally helpless against internal errors. While working on the software, you can run into various unknown errors. QuickBooks error ps038 is also a potential error that could develop while using QuickBooks. If you face this situation, you don’t have to stress since you’ll learn the causes and solutions while going through the blog Ukrainian troops make Kharkiv gains().

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About the error

This error is related to the paychecks sent through QuickBooks. If the paychecks are not being delivered for any reason, they are stuck in ‘Online to send’ in your QuickBooks, and you’ll receive error codes on your screen accompanied by inappropriate shutting down of QuickBooks. This error can also restrict you from updating your payroll( Ukrainian troops make Kharkiv gains).


Some most probable reasons which lead to the occurrence of this error are listed below-

  • The company file might be corrupted and has turned into an unsupportable format.
  • QuickBooks is unable to send any paychecks
  • The QuickBooks version you are using is out of date.


The most effective solutions against this error are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Check if there are any paychecks stuck in your QuickBooks

Follow the steps to find the stuck paychecks that QuickBooks don’t send-

  1. Click on Edit and select
  2. Go to the advanced tab.
  3. You’ll see a Choose filter option, select Detail level from the list of filters, and select Summary only.
  4. Return to the filters list and select Online status.
  5. Now, select Online to send and then click The list of all the unsent paychecks will be in front of you.

Once you have found the stuck paychecks follow step 2 to resolve the issues with your paychecks.

       Step 2-  Follow the procedure below to make sure these paychecks don’t create any problems in the future-

  1. Go to the first/oldest paycheck that is stuck and click on the Paycheck Detail
  2. Navigate to the Review Paycheck window, under the Earnings, check the last earnings item listed, and add a similar new earnings item.
  3. After this, you’ll come across a Net Pay Locked message; tap
  4. Make no changes to the net pay and tax amounts and click
  5. Click Yes on any Past transaction
  6. Close the paycheck by clicking on Save and close.
  7. If you receive any Recording Transaction warning message, click on
  8. Open your paycheck again & click on Paycheck Details.
  9. Delete the earnings item that you recently added.
  10. Make sure there are no changes made to net pay & tax amounts; click
  11. Repeat these steps for each of the stuck paychecks.

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Solution 2- Update your payroll tax table

  1. Open your QuickBooks, go to the Employees menu and select Get Payroll updates from the list.
  2. Click on the checkbox representing Download exclusive update.
  3. Finally, tap on Download the latest update.


This is the end of this blog; we mentioned everything about QuickBooks error ps038. The reason it occurs and the solutions that’ll eliminate this error from your QuickBooks. We hope this blog helped you execute the solutions and rectify this error in QuickBooks. If not, contact QuickBooks support at +1-855-856-0042.

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