Should Students Get Limited Access to The Internet?

Should Students Get Limited Access to The Internet?

Internet is the basic necessity of today’s world. People of all age groups are dependent on the Internet for their day-to-day life. The Internet provides various facilities like banking, communication, academic research, entertainment etc. Even students are using the Internet for their academic needs and requirements. But is that it? There are many who are constantly online and using it inappropriately.

Undoubtedly, the Internet helps them with e-learning, projects, and assignments and also provides information about some unknown topics. In fact, most students tend to spend 75% of their day being online.

As per Nathan, an assignment help expert, “We are well known for the fact that excess of anything is always harmful. Similarly, the Internet, which is a boon to us, also comes with certain disadvantages too.” Here is the list of several points why students’ access to the Internet should be limited.


The young minds are so busy playing games or chatting online that they don’t even think about their physical health problems. They get prone to eyesight issues, back pain, muscle weakness, and body posture-related problems as well. Students also prefer staying at home rather than going outside and playing outdoor games. This is, in turn, making them physically unfit. Therefore, the students are themselves spoiling their own health by getting addicted to this trap called INTERNET.


Games like Blue whale and Momo are available on the Internet. Young teens are crazy after these games. These games create a friendly bond with the students by asking them to perform some useless tasks, which ultimately leads them to fatal consequences in the end. A few of them also become victims of those blackmailers who misuse your pictures. Thus, the Internet is becoming a threat to a teen’s life. And you can also read about affordable schools.


Mental health issues are generally ignored by us. Students waste the maximum part of their day being online. Due to this, they completely pay no attention to their mental health disorders. Too much wastage of time on the Internet can lead to feelings of depression, increases anxiety, and lowers your focus and concentration on your work. Therefore students’ thought process changes. He comes across various things on social media platforms. This eventually stops him from focusing on his path and pushes him in the wrong direction. So, it can affect your mentality to a great extent.


The Internet is a place where you can get access to porn websites. Students develop negativity around themselves by visiting those age-restricted sites. These adult websites bring students’ attention to bad activities. Students are deprived of their concentration while studying. They gain a negative attitude and a bad image. These immature teens contribute to molestation and rape cases as a result of their addiction to these sites. And you can also read about tech.


During adolescence, students go through various changes in their bodies. Due to this, their attitude towards family members changes drastically. The growing child enjoys spending time talking to his online friends. They prefer spending time using the Internet rather than with family members. They barely interact with their near and dear ones. Children fail to learn to manage relationships in life. Thus, the Internet is tremendously weakening family relations.


The excessive use of the Internet brings down your social life to zero. Students develop an introverted nature. They like being isolated. Young minds restrict themselves to online friendships only. As a result of this, they lack face-to-face communication skills. It also lowers the child’s confidence to speak in front of two or more people. The Internet makes them lazy. The child starts refraining from social activities. Therefore, the use of the Internet should be minimized during this teenage phase so that you can experience a better social life.


 Students start thinking that the Internet is the solution to everything. They don’t even try or put some of their own thinking skills. They misuse this beneficial platform. You might have heard of a lot of cases about students getting caught cheating during exams with the help of their mobile phones. Just because the Internet provides them with information about everything, they have started using it wrongly. It blocks their thinking capacity and ruins their overall development.

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We know that students will shape the future of our country. In order to have a bright future, they should start working hard. Their dependence on the Internet for every single thing should be minimized. They should not invest their valuable time in useless online activities. The entire focus should be on studies rather than on social media platforms. For the above-mentioned reasons, we hope you are clear that students’ access to the Internet should be limited. Keeping the harm in mind, you should use the Internet wisely.


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