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Should You Put a Tarp Under Your Pool? The Pros and Cons

Pool season just started, so it’s time to pull out your inflatable pool, Bestway pool, or Summer Ways pool and get ready to cool off in the summer heat! Before you dive into the water and enjoy the refreshing splash of water on your skin, though, make sure you put down a tarp underneath your pool first. Tarping your pool may seem like an obvious step to take if you’re on the fence about it, but there are definitely cases where it’s not worth it.

Why do people put tarps under their pools anyway?

People that put tarps under their pools are trying to prevent the pool from drying out. As the sun beats down, it heats up the ground beneath your pool. This heat warms up the air around your pool which in turn heats up the water inside your pool. If this is not stopped, you can end up with a very expensive problem: an exploded or cracked pool liner due to the rapid evaporation of water. Tarps are meant as a stop-gap measure until you can get some kind of heated pool cover installed.

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What kind of tarp should I get for my pool cover?

What kind of tarp should I get for my pool cover?

There are many different types of tarps. However, the most popular by far are polyethylene tarps. These are usually blue or black in color and have holes drilled in them so they can be tied down tightly around your pool cover. They’re lightweight, strong, durable, and inexpensive. There are also vinyl tarps with grommets which allow you to tie the tarp down without having to puncture it with a hole. These come in many different colors but they’re more expensive than polyethylene tarps. If you have any kind of pool tillbehör such as a solar blanket, water slide, or inflatable raft that you want to keep out of the sun then these would be an excellent choice for you.

How do I cut a tarp for an inflatable pool

This isn’t really the place for pool heater discussion, but if you don’t have access to a pool heater then it is not an advisable investment. What might be better, however, would be purchasing an under-pool tarp to act as protection. Cutting the tarp can be done in two different ways: with scissors or by using fishing wire. To start with scissors lay out your tarp on top of your pool. Then cut straight lines around the perimeter using an inch-wide allowance on both sides (the thicker your tarps the more allowance you’ll need). Once finished, simply fold one side over the other and cut off any excess from each fold.

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Where do I place my inflatable pool drain plug?

It is always best to place your inflatable pool drain plug on the surface of the ground or flooring material, as this will prevent any materials from falling into the drain area. We would also recommend using black plastic deck tiles to provide some additional grip for people walking over your pool tarp when it is wet or covered in dew. Finally, we always recommend placing a billig pool trap underneath your pool in order to catch all of the debris that washes into the water during heavy rainfall or thunderstorms.

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