Best Social Media Marketing Services Company has shaken up the hierarchies that once ruled the market.

Today, customers have the fate of businesses in their hands because power has migrated to their side. With the advent of the Internet and in particular of web 2.0 (the web of sharing between users), people have become much more informed, more complicated to influence, and more difficult to retain.

In this context, how can marketers leverage social media to bring value to the business? This is where social media marketing comes into play, one of the many tools available to brands to be able to connect with their customers and interest them with inbound marketing strategies, a methodology aimed at attracting people with useful and interesting experiences and content rather than intrusive and repetitive advertisements.

Social networks are now part of our daily lives.

What is social media marketing?

Before analyzing what social media marketing is, let’s take a step back to understand the initial context.

What is Social Media? They are a means for people to dialogue and exchange information or content online. Social media is also a place in the infosphere where people come into contact in a social context that includes conversations, comments, interactions, and, in general, relationships.

Social media is the fastest growing industry in the history of the world, more so than the internet itself. Indeed, if Internet usage reached 1 billion users in the first 10 years of public availability, Facebook in just over the same period reached 2 billion. Staying in the realm of data and looking at We Are Social’s annual report on the Italian digital marketing environment, we find that in 2021 the daily active users on social platforms are 41 million and achieved a total population penetration of 68%. If we also consider that people spend on average almost 2 hours a day on social networks and that each can use several social networks, we understand how social media has become an incredible marketing opportunity.

Long before starting to contact influencers to sponsor our company, it is essential to clearly define the mission and vision of the company, to decide how to position yourself in the minds of people, what personality to put in place on social networks and what content or messages we want to communicate.

Benefit 1: brand development

SMM is essential to improve brand image. Social networks are precisely the place where all the work done by the company on the product must be affirmed and consolidated. However, brand awareness (in other words the knowledge and notoriety of the brand) should not be considered as the only aspect of this activity. Indeed, the ability to establish meaningful relationships online improves brand affinity, the connection between the brand and people, brand equity, the value and strength of the company in the market.

Benefit 2: income generation

The second macro-objective achievable with SMM activities is income generation. Indeed, an adequate definition of the online strategy can directly improve sales, increase lead generation (qualified contacts, prospects), and increase marketing effectiveness.

Benefit 3: Customer Service

Finally, investing in Best Social Media Marketing Services Company adds the benefit of customer support. Improving the relational experience with the brand is fundamental and the integration of social networks makes it possible to make the service and the help offered to people more efficient. Being ready to meet needs through effective customer service is the key to success in the online environment.

Social media increases opportunities for brand interaction

The 5 pillars for a social media marketing activity

Navigating between the different social platforms is an operation that requires experience and certain knowledge of the subject. However, for those who want to approach it for the first time or who need a compass to understand where to go, you should know that social media marketing is based on 5 main pillars :

  • strategy,
  • Design
  • commitment
  • metric
  • advertising.

Indicators and targets

With this in mind, it is necessary to define the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), indicators that will allow us to concretely establish the success or otherwise of the strategy. However, it is necessary to define them with common sense, KPIs must indeed be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Acceptable (and achievable), Realistic (and relevant), and Time-bound.


When we know exactly where we are or where we want to get to, it’s time to plan. Sharing content is easy, but you have to properly define the format to offer, when to publish and how often. An essential tool in this phase is the editorial calendar in which the social media manager will place the content month by month to distribute the publications.

Listening and social engagement

After the content goes live, we will have to deal with customer interactions with the brand. This is the moment of listening and involvement where we must keep the relationship with people alive and make the human mark felt and close to them. The tone of voice must be clearly defined in the strategy to know how to respond and be consistent with the image and positioning of the brand.

Analysis of the service

The fourth pillar of Best Social Media Marketing Services Company marketing is analytics. The listening of the previous phase joins the study of the data collected by the interactions on the social networks. Which users are we reaching?

Advertising, announcements, and campaigns

The final pillar of SMM is advertising. Best Social Media Marketing Services Company ads allow us to expand our referral audience and brand awareness. Through the creation of targeted campaigns, it will be possible to reach specific and segmented groups of people according to their interests on the platforms.

The correlations between Social Media Marketing and SEO

We have seen how social media plays a major role on the web, but what influence does it have in terms of SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, includes the techniques and tools capable of improving the positioning of a website on the pages of a search engine. To date, this concept has evolved a lot and we even talk about Search Environment Optimization since the factors that influence the ranking are more and more diversified. In this view, social media has always had an interlocutory role, ever since the former head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, said in 2014 that Google treats social pages like any other web page. , and not as a direct positioning factor.

Since we can’t know the search engine’s algorithm, we have to take these claims as reliable, but that doesn’t mean that social media doesn’t influence SEO. Indeed, there is an indirect correlation. If we create good content, the popularity on social networks will likely increase, and therefore that people will appreciate our articles which could then also be linked within their site (a factor that improves the positioning ). There are 4 ways in which social media marketing activities help SEO :

The greater the number of shares on social media, the more people will have the opportunity to see our content and generate backlinks (from other sites that connect to ours).
Social Media Marketing helps build brand awareness and referral audiences, which increases the likelihood that users will explore branded content or products, build trust, and prefer to browse our site rather than that of the competition.

Useful tools for a social media marketing campaign

An aspect always debated in the social field concerns a question: what is the best tool (tool) for a social media marketing campaign? As in many areas of marketing, the answer is “it depends”. There is not a perfect tool for all needs, we must experiment with them all to understand which one best suits our needs. Indeed, there are many variables. For example, it depends on the social network we have to use, the number of profiles a social media manager has to manage, the objectives we have set ourselves, the budget to coordinate, and the number of people involved in the different activities.

Online we find dozens and dozens of professional tools for SMM and after understanding your priorities, you can select the one that suits you best, possibly after testing them with the free trials.

Canva: If you are a beginner, Canva is an excellent tool for graphical content management. The free version is perfect for small businesses or for projects that aren’t particularly difficult.
Buffer: this is a very efficient tool to coordinate and monitor all our social networks. It expresses its full potential in the premium version, but it already allows in the free version to manage up to 3 profiles, organize the publication and prepare up to 10 posts in advance.

A final tool that we would like to recommend to you, but which is not part of the content management or creation tools, is Feedly. In the field of social networks, it serves to be constantly updated on current trends but also innovations in the field of SMM. Feedly brings together all the information we need in one place.

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