Successful Online Business Stories To Keep You Inspired

Starting an online business and making actual money takes, on average, 18 to 24 months. Growing a legitimate business takes time and work. By now, you’ve undoubtedly come to the conclusion that anyone promoting a get-rich-quick scheme probably isn’t looking out for your best interests.

You’ll put in a lot of effort over that uncertain 18–24 month period with little to no cash payoff. Understandably, this can be extremely demoralising. However, success is possible if you persist. Every time I launch a new website, I personally anticipate that it will take at least 18 months to turn a profit. With this mindset, I’ve created more than a dozen websites, and while I wish I could tell you that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN PROFITABLE, I CAN SAY THAT MOST OF THEM HAVE. It’s true that I’ve had failures in addition to my accomplishments. However, I have always learned priceless things through my failures that no one else could ever teach me. I had to figure things out for myself, and while discovering what doesn’t work, I also discovered what does.

I’ve already discussed my own personal experience with affiliate marketing success, so we thought we’d share a few great online business tales with you about regular people like you who realise their goals in order to keep you inspired during this process.

Jocelyn Sams and Shane Sams

Before 2012, when Shane and Jocelyn Sams established a small online business that would eventually make them millions, they were two elementary school teachers living and working in southern Kentucky. They had a bad supervisor, worked 9 to 5 jobs, and together made around $5,000 per month after taxes. They loathed their way of life and want to be more active. Sam built a few websites where he would post a variety of content after reading about how to make money with affiliate blogs. They were just making a few dollars here and there in the beginning of their business.

When Jocelyn noticed what Shane was doing, they began to discuss ways to expand their business and increase revenue. They choose to employ their teaching abilities because that is what they do best. So they started providing teachers with lesson plans, e-books, and other tools. They immediately made a lot of money as their website Elementary Librarian grew, enough for them both to quit their employment and devote all of their time to their internet business. They are among our favourite examples of a successful online business because they show how doing something you love and are knowledgeable about can improve your lifestyle and finances. On their website, you may read more about their story.

Judith Rider

It wasn’t Elizabeth Rider’s intention to establish an online empire. Seven years ago, she was just a woman with a love for healthy living who wanted to connect with others and share her knowledge. Her insightful blog writings and amazing sense of humour soon attracted a sizable audience. She realised that with a large audience, she could start making money because she had read about successful internet business ventures. She spent some time learning how to work with affiliates before starting to make money from her site.

She reinvested the money she was making from her blog in her company and began providing coaching sessions, wellness bootcamps, and partner product sales. She is currently one of the nation’s top nutrition experts and earns seven figures a year from her website, Elizabeth Rider. Because she just concentrated on doing what she enjoyed and was able to turn that into her ideal job, Elizabeth Rider is one of the best examples of a successful online entrepreneur. On her website, here, you may find out more about Elizabeth Rider.

Esengulov, Aibek

The story of Aibek Esengulov is among the most well-known examples of a profitable online venture. In 2006, Aibek launched his website MakeUseOf as a young man. He simply wanted to share his enthusiasm for technology by writing about the most recent developments in hardware, software, and information technology. After a few years, he was able to establish himself as an industry thought leader, and people started visiting his website to find out about the most recent technological advancements.

Aibek attributes his current success to persevering over the two years it took him to start making money. Even though he wasn’t earning any money at the time, he continued to blog, add fresh content, and keep his followers informed about the newest advancements in technology. He now earns a tonne of money by selling ad space and working with affiliates thanks to his hard work and success in building a sizable audience. Aibek now has a large team working with him to maintain his website.

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