Summer Lawn Collection 2022 | The Traditional Brands

Summer Lawn Collection

New brands are a great addition to the ever-growing market. But have you thought of what the traditional brands have to offer? People often ask us what the motto of traditional brands is presently. For them, there is everything they must know.

Brands remain perfect and essential in offering friendly outfits, especially for the summer seasons. Summers lawn collection remain of high interest in Pakistan especially for women and in the clothing department. Men can work with regular fabric options but for women, it is about color, style, and tradition alongside fabric options. Different brands have been offering a summer lawn collection that ideally fits the outlook for summers.

Raja sahib being the top trending brand in Pakistan contains categories of several clothing brands in itself. Thus, with a single shopping day, you can purchase several outfit styles likewise.

1. Al Karam

Al Karam has been around for a while especially in the women’s clothing sector in Pakistan. And the brand is offering iconic dresses for a while. But over time, the need is always to adapt and give customers a unique yet enchanting experience. We cannot think more of Al Karam as a brand that does not believe in boldness. They always maintain a traditional look for their dresses that remain of great elegancy and sleekness.

In essence to great designs, their prices remain phenomenal, thus promoting sales for people of all classes. Al Karam can be treated as every day wearing the brand. You will find dresses and styles that look cool in shades with simplicity to the maximum. Nothing feels overcrowded, especially with the embroidery. In short, Al Karam is a brand for the middle-class and people that want little from their outfits. Still, their quality and presentation remain top-notch throughout the fabric styles.


  • Shopping at Al Karam gives you a chance for a budget-friendly purchase
  • With cost, there is no dip in the quality of fabrics
  • Diversity is available but you can experience richness in colors and patterns

2. Asim Jofa


Asim Jofa is not a historical brand but one that focuses on tradition with a unique touch. It is one of the brands in Pakistan that charge a good sum for the outfit but does not appear vulgar and bold. Their unique dresses seem perfect with rich colors, mostly with darker shades even for a summer lawn collection.

You can shop for high-profile clothes that can easily fit a wedding case. It is what speaks volumes since you can avoid the hassle to book for designer clothes when you can make a perfect purchase nearby. In addition, to outfits with vibrant colors, Asim Jofa has a habit of focusing on richness in clothing elements.

Be it trousers, tops, pajamas, or dupattas, you will find a great sense of boldness in each. It is like every outfit element works closely together to feel exceptional and great together. Moreover, the best part is that every outfit carries hefty embroidery and prints. Asim Jofa always loves to highlight what looks spectacular. They do not hide behind culture and tradition alone. Whereas you can get whatever you wish for that can uplift your next event participation.


  • No need to shop for wedding clothes since you can find a good outfit here
  • Dark colors are not summer-friendly unless Asim Jofa highlights them in its lawn collection 2022
  • Prices remain higher than average mostly while some remain close to Rs. 10,000

3. Gul Ahmad


In historical clothing brands of Pakistan, Gul Ahmad tops the list of them all. In essence, the brand is highlighting what traditional clothing and outfit styles resemble in Pakistani culture. At first, it was all about Gul Ahmad being the premier clothing supplier for the people of Pakistan. Presently, with rising competition, the brand is focusing on reviving its outlook with some iconic designs, prints, and embroidered designs.

Outfits remain perfect and extraordinary with spectacular designs. Summer lawn suits at Gul Ahmed resemble the perfect styles for working women and household ladies. For the younger and party-loving ones, much is there for needs. In short, Gul Ahmad remains a perfect choice however for a traditional, elegant, and iconic outfit without any overdoing.


  • Older people that shopped through Gul Ahmad always prioritize fabric quality
  • Fabric quality alongside prints remains high in popularity
  • For women that want simplicity in their dresses, there is always an opportunity with Gul Ahmad
  • Prices always have been friendly to the customers, especially for the ones that wish to make a budgeted purchase
  • Stunning outfit styles are also available for a great presentation at events


While you look for tradition, ensure the above three brands remain a priority, at least one of them. Raja Sahib itself is a traditional and historical shopping site. And with these brands at their disposal, it can offer much more than just a traditional option nearby. Shop for several summer lawn collection and ease your wardrobe setting before the festive period gets closer.

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