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We understand that you would rather be on the road making a paycheck than wasting time browsing online for reasonable rates on Taxi Insurance Birmingham UK.

Taxi insurance

Taxi insurance is frequently more expensive than ordinary car insurance, but this is because it includes several additional advantages that guarantee you are operating lawfully.

Get a unique policy that is based on your needs 

We want to assist you by letting you fill out a single form that will match you to FCA licensed providers that can help you locate policies that fit your high requirements. Enabling you to drive safely in the confidence that you are covered if you make a claim.

Advantages of Birmingham Taxi Insurance UK

If you’re unsure about the several types of coverage offered to you as a cab driver, we can assist you to achieve the coverage you want by filling out one form that will connect you with a supplier that can help you. The benefit of Birmingham taxi insurance UK includes. 

Extensive Taxicab Insurance – This is the most comprehensive level of coverage available, and it’s ideal for people who would like to ensure that they’re not only driving lawfully but also that they’re covered as a driver, allowing them to get back on the roads faster.

Third-Party is available in two editions – Third-Party is available in two editions: Third-Party Only and Third-Party, Fire, and Theft.These forms of coverage guarantee that any third parties you hit, such as the owner of the property you hit or the individual in another car you hit, get compensated, but any damage to your vehicle will not be covered.

Why you should choose to Protect My Taxi for your taxi insurance.


Save money by filling out a single online form and getting connected with suppliers who will do the legwork for you. All fresh and old clients may get no-obligation quotes to see if our insurance plans are suited for them as part of our committed services.

Contact our member:

Please contact a member of our team if you have any questions about more intricate products, such as fleet insurance or replacement cars. If you’d like to insure your taxis with Protect My Taxi, fill out the quote form to see what sort of coverage we can provide you with right now!


Without wasting your time we can get you quotations from experts taxi brokers who are familiar with the dangers and have connections with insurers that are familiar with your sector. Our expert will arrange a suitable cover for you in quick time saving manners.


Our providers offer specialist public and private hire taxi plans, ensuring that you are legally safe.

We offer a diverse range of taxi fleet insurance options.

From private hire insurance to taxi fleet insurance, everything is good to keep you safe and your taxi business going. To assist you better in how we may guide you, we’ve provided explanations of our primary services your better understanding. Allow us to assist you in finding an appropriate plan for your  private hire taxi  insurance, public hire taxi insurance, and chauffeur insurance.

Birmingham Uber Taxi Insurance

If you want to work as an Uber cab driver in Birmingham, our insurers and associates can assist you with your coverage needs. Start with filling out one form, and one of our brokers will be able to assist you. This would be enough to meet your requirements and it wil be sufficient to deliver you with a competent cover.

Do you require a taxi or other private hire car insurance in Birmingham? 

It’s easy to get carry away by all the alternatives available. So give us a call and let our specialists assist you in finding the best offers. With all of the activity in England’s one of the biggest cities.

Business Travelers

Not to forget the crowds of business travelers and tourists that visit every day. There are plenty of options for individuals who wish to earn a living chauffeuring people about the city’s busy streets. If you’re a cab driver in the city, why not let Protect My Taxi do the legwork for you and get you the finest insurance deals? We are taxi and limousine professionals with all other services. Allow us to do all the hustle for you so you can drive with confidence and ease,know that you have valid cover in place.

How can I make my Birmingham taxi insurance more affordable?

When it comes to protecting their automobiles, most individuals opt for the cheapest insurance. However, like with many other types of insurance, there are certain things you can do to cut your rates. This varies per insurer, however, keep in mind that the lowest policy may not be the most comprehensive.


New drivers or young age drivers are frequently more expensive to insure than senior drivers. Some companies will only cover those who are over the age limit of 25.

Higher degrees of voluntary excess

This is perhaps one of the simplest methods for lowering your insurance costs. Selecting a bigger excess frequently lowers rates since an insurer will pay out less in the event of a lawsuit.

What are the steps to becoming a cab driver in Birmingham?

To work as a cab driver in Birmingham, you must complete the following steps:

  • Confirm your ability to employ in the United Kingdom.
  • Prove you’ve had a full driver’s license for at least two years.
  • Demonstrate your home’s residency.

  • Pass the Basic Knowledge Test to make sure you have adequate knowledge of the region.
  • Perform a DBS check and/or demonstrate better morals in any other way.
  • Have a copy of your medical certificate and pass your medical.
  • Pass a driving test administered by Birmingham City Council.
  • Attend a Disability Awareness class.
  • In addition, if you want to work Private Hire, show that you have a job offer from a licenced operator in the region.

Once you’ve gathered everything,You may register for your Birmingham Driver’s Licence once you have all of this in place.  Browse the Birmingham Council website for further details.

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