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The Best Vastu For A Factory Machine

Vastu is an ancient science that results in universal harmony. The idea behind Vastu is that good energy flows through one’s life and influences the world around them. For this reason, it is important to create a good flow within your space to empower yourself and your work. Consider the type of machinery, colour & activity with respect to the direction as per Vastu guidelines. 


The Purpose of Vastu

Vastu is a Sanskrit word for “cosmic balance.” It is a systematic philosophy that defines how people should live their lives and design their buildings. Vastu Shastra, as used in countries around the world, is a method of creating harmony and purifying the space. 

When designing a factory, it is important to create an environment that will be conducive with productivity and safety. A Vastu compliant factory experiences fewer accidents and less downtime which in turn results in an improved production rate.


What is Vastu Architecture?

Vastu is a traditional Indian system of architecture, design, and construction that considers the environment inside a building. Design the buildings to have positive energy flow in and out from the property or building as per Vastu principles,. Design the buildings as per Vastu so that the interior of the building will not reflect any negative energy. The occupants of the building experience abundance of health, wealth & prosperity in a vastu compliant building.  


Vastu architectures for machines

Vastu is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. The core which forms the vastu for factories is the placement of machinery, placement of raw materials & finished goods, the main entrance or exit and the direction of utilities. Prefer building in accordance with the related directions of each activity and object, and in balance with the five elements (panch tatvas). Machines placed in positive areas benefit the factory in numerous ways. This also leads to increases productivity exponentially.


Benefits of a factory machine with a vastu architecture

Vastu architecture ensures that the machine does not face any obstacles. Also, the machines are always in a productive state. Placing the machine in Vastu compliant manner

  • Reduces the breakdown or downtime of the machine
  • Results in improved efficiency 

The vastu of the surrounding area affects the machine’s performance as well, so it is important to know how to keep all aspects of a factory machine’s vastu in proper balance.

 How to improve the vastu of your company?

Companies work really hard to make sure that everything is in order and to help the employees be as productive as possible. In order to achieve this, companies have an office layout with different areas for different purposes. However, some company spaces have a layout which is not in compliance with Vastu Shastra. Thus, it becomes challenging for the company to progress. The first & foremost thing a company should check is that the placement of teams or employees is planned in accordance with Vastu. If the person sits as per his job profile or work, he can achieve excellence for himself and the company. 

The vastu of an area is created by many factors including the shape & size of land, the entrance, the placement of utilities etc. Also, it depends on the design of the building, and how people are interacting with it. A company can improve their relationships with the environment they’re in by changing their office design as per Vastu. We can gain control over the resources we use such as plants or artwork. 


Vastu Tips for Factory Machine

 The first & foremost thing to be taken care while placing the machines is that the process line should be well respected. The best Vastu Tips for Factory Machine are

  1. The heavy & bulky machines must be placed towards South-West or West direction.
  2. South-East is the ideal direction to place factory machinery which involve heating process or relate to fire.
  3. Avoid placing any heavy machinery in the North-East direction.
  4. Decide the colour of the machinery in compliance with the direction chosen for that particular factory machinery.
  5. Avoid placing any important machinery, which is heart of the process line, in any low energy direction. 

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