The best ways to choose a good Indian Restaurant

You can find Indian restaurants using local search engines or restaurant search engines. A foodie can finalise the restaurant of choice after doing a good deal of research. To add to this, a good foodie will also and should also have a good idea in their head of what it is they are after too in terms of the perfect dining experience too. It will be typical that they will have been to a number of Indian Restaurant’s to date already also. With this, they will know how to spot and choose a good curry house from a bad one. This will be the case no matter where in the UK they are looking for the perfect place to go out to dinner.

Something for everyone

The great thing about Indian cuisine is the availability of vegetarian options. Lentils, greens, roots and branches, are all conjured up to please the consumer. Best of all, there are just so many great choices to also choose from. There is so much more than a Chicken Korma. There are the fish dishes, vegetable dishes and also the rise in Vegan dishes now on a menu.

It’s a very regional type of food

If you are looking for Indian restaurants around you then the most important thing is that you should know which kind of Indian flavours are you looking for. Indian food has distinct flavours according to the region from which the dish has been picked. This is also due to the way they vary from each other to a huge extent. Decide whether you want to north Indian flavours which are usually quite rich in spices and flavours and includes popular Indian dishes like butter chicken, different varieties of Indian bread like a nun, tandoori roti, rumali roti, and few other popular curries. Then look for an Indian restaurant that specialises in these kinds of food.

But if you want to taste south Indian flavours like idli, dosa, rice and other flavourful curries of the southern part of the country then look for restaurants that specialise in that arena. The restaurants usually mention in their site the area of their expertise and you can choose accordingly.

Ordering online

If you want to get Indian food delivered then keep the above-mentioned aspects in mind while choosing your restaurant and then see if the restaurant of your choice delivers to you or not. If you like their food, choose an Indian restaurant to cater for you in one of your parties. This will change the mood of your party. Indian flavours can definitely contribute to lift the mood of people around you.

Try and after meal snack

You probably think the meal is done once you’ve wiped off the dessert bowl and sat back with a happy smile on your face. After all, good food does wonders to improve our mood! But not so fast, there’s just one more little surprise the Indian restaurant has in store for you! Once you’ve finished your food and asked for the check, the servers will bring in a small tray or bowl of shiny, coloured grains that resemble rice. These are actually candy-coated and roasted fennel seeds that you can chew on after your meal. These seeds do wonders for your digestion. Ensure that you don’t feel heavy or lethargic after the hefty meal. Also, keep you from having ‘dragon breath.’ So many benefits of such a small snack!


Now that you know what and how much to order, let’s go over the right flow of food in Indian cuisines. You should start by looking for places to eat near me and then booking a table online to make the dining experience smooth and convenient. Indian restaurants tend to be quite busy. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for hours to get a table! Once you’re seated, start by ordering an appetiser that comes paired with different chutneys. Try some other sauces also to further enhance the flavour. Next, you should order your drink which can either be a lassi or any soda that you prefer. We recommend having the masala chai after the meal.

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