The Greatest Sports Video Games of All Time

Sports Video Games of All Time

Here is a ranking of the top sports video games of all time, including some games that came so close to making the list but didn’t quite make it.

MLB The Show 20

Being able to play a game as realistic as Basket Random is unmatched as a baseball fan. It only exists on PlayStation, so I rarely get to play as an Xbox user, which is the only reason it ranks so low on this list. The MLBPA and Sony did, however, announce that the franchise would be made available on “console platforms beyond PlayStation as soon as 2021.” As a baseball fan, The Show 2020 is a must-have, and the detailed animations and exciting cutting camera action make the game even more thrilling.

MLB In contrast to Madden and 2K in particular, the The Show franchise is known for satisfying the gaming community every single year. MLB Although The Show made many advancements with their 2019 release, MLB 20 takes the cake. With the ability to completely customize your own team in the hopes of winning a championship, the Franchise mode is simply addictive. Similar to other games’ ultimate team modes and also very well-liked is Diamond Dynasty. T

Video Games Madden 2004

There are two key reasons why Madden 2004 is among the greatest and most enjoyable video games of all time. Mr. Michael Vick I will never forget having only one thought when I got home from school in kindergarten and first grade: playing as Michael Vick in Madden 2004. What an era. Vick and Jerome Bettis quickly rose to the top of my list of all-time favorite NFL players thanks to how entertaining and dominant they were in Madden.

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Video Games Madden 2004
Video Games Madden 2004

Vick is possibly the all-time most dominant player in video game history. Vick not only scored a 95 overall as a player but also a 95 in speed. If you think those two numbers are absurd, Vick also had a 98 throwing power, a 92 elusiveness rating, and a 97 overall throwing accuracy. So good luck trying to stop Vick from getting open in the passing game; if he took off, Vick would use his 92 elusiveness and 95 speed to outrun and elude tacklers.


The NBA Jam series has done a fantastic job over the years of consistently creating excellent content and modifying to newer gameplay. When NBA Jam was released for consoles like the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, it enjoyed even more success than when it was first created as an arcade game. When I was younger, I fell in love with NBA Jam.

The game drew me in with its outrageous graphics and animations, gameplay, and catchphrases like “Boomshakalaka!” and “He’s Heating Up!” I used to play this fantastic game on my iPod touch for countless hours. The most popular game mode allowed you to play as the top two starters from each NBA franchise and take on other teams in 2 on 2 variations. After leveling up, you can even play with retired NBA greats.

Video Games Wii Sports

What’s the best way to start a party? Food? Drinks? Music? Wrong. There’s Wii Sports. To put it simply, Wii Sports is amazing. For exercise, if I had the option, I would call a friend and challenge him or her to a heated Wii Sports matchup. When the Wii was first introduced in 2006, Wii Sports was hailed as the system’s “killer app.” If you’re not familiar with the term “killer app,” it refers to a piece of software that is so coveted that it represents the console’s true worth.

With Wii Sports, this could not be more true. People flocked to the shops in droves to purchase a Wii so they could play Wii Sports. Wii Sports is the most lucrative Wii game ever, out-earning Mario Cart by over 45 million dollars. A preview of upcoming virtual reality games was given to viewers by the interactive Wii Sports game. You could play tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing by moving the Wii remote to control players. I still maintain my belief that I have never lost a baseball game, and that based on my Wii Sports boxing abilities, with enough practice, I could turn pro. You gain points as you play more game modes and get better at them, and the CPU gets harder as a result. Whatever the case, I used my Mii to reach professional status in every sport (no big deal).

NFL Street 2 Hot Video Games

When I was six years old, I went to a family friend’s house in New Jersey, and I will never forget that experience. When I first saw NFL Street 2 being played, I immediately began playing it nonstop for the remainder of that weekend. Aunt Janet, I apologize for being a social outcast, but this game was just too enjoyable to put down. In the backyard setting of NBA Street 2, you can play as NFL teams with their best players.

There are three linemen, a quarterback, a running back, and two tight end/receivers in each 7 on 7 matchup. Sean Taylor, one of Washington’s most dangerous players on defense, was among the game’s most imposing players, and Michael Vick was another. NFL Street 2 is the ideal backyard football game, offering all the possible features. On your way to a touchdown, you are free to show off, lateral, use trick plays, and celebrate. The fact that you can jump off walls to throw passes and make catches is my favorite aspect of the game.

NCAA Football 2014

Sigh. Prepare yourself for how sad this is going to be if you thought I was sad about NFL Street 2 not producing a game for my console since 2004. Because EA Sports hasn’t created a game after NCAA 14, you have done America a disservice, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. If I could take part in creating a new game, I would personally stop going to school and stop doing everything else I was doing.

The fact that athletes can now profit from their likeness and image opens the door for the return of NCAA Football, and I beg EA Sports not to sabotage this. The franchise’s final game, NCAA Football 14, was executed flawlessly. The second quarterback for Texas A&M (Johnny Football Manziel) was the most entertaining player to play with in the game, despite the fact that there were no real names for the players because every Division 1 program was represented. For example, Johnny Manziel’s name would be listed on the game as “Victor Arnold” if I meant no real names for players.

Video games MVP Baseball 2005

Baseball’s 2005 MVP That opening sentence will stay lodged in my memory up until the day I pass away. There will never be another baseball video game that can top this one, not even if I live to be 100 years old in the year 2100. I can never skip past the game’s intro video, which is at the top right. You can rewatch the intro music and gameplay snippets. The gameplay and graphics are excellent for 2005, and the controls are straightforward enough for a novice player to succeed.

Video games MVP Baseball 2005
Video games MVP Baseball 2005

The most popular game mode was the new Owner Mode, where you could play in every game and manage the players while also setting ticket prices, constructing a new stadium, and purchasing home run fireworks. The final game of the series, MVP Baseball 2005, marked the first and last appearance of the Washington Nationals. I usually play as the St. Louis Cardinals or Cleveland Indians because RFK Stadium isn’t the most fun place to play. The game controls also make it simple for the hitter to accomplish various objectives.

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