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Therapeutic Garden Design — 6 Workplace Benefits of a Corporate Garden

Poor posture, computer screens, and noisy coworkers are all things that you may associate with working in an office environment. Imagine if your office building tenants were more open to the sunshine, outdoor lunch meetings, sweet-smelling flowers, and sunshine. Office buildings/parks managers are uniquely placed to increase their tenants’ productivity through corporate gardens. These interactive landscapes can be thoughtfully planned and maintained by experienced professionals. Your corporate garden can be a combination of outdoor seating and walking trails into the landscape, or it may encourage office workers Well-documented research has shown that landscapes and gardens have multiple therapeutic benefits for people.

6 Advantages of Therapeutic Garden Design for Office Parks

You can call it a therapy garden, corporate garden, or office garden. It will appeal to potential tenants and the surrounding community. These six points illustrate the positive effect that a therapeutic Garden Designs Ballarat has on tenants living in office parks.

Improved Memory

In 2008, a University study found that spending more time outside and near plants can increase memory retention by as much as 20%. Research has also shown that employees who spend more time around plants are more likely to pay attention and have a better chance of concentrating and achieving higher productivity.

Stress Reduction

Employees can reduce stress by creating corporate gardens. These gardens encourage them to pick up a pruning shear or pluck a plant. Activities related to gardening can also offer employees under pressure a distraction, a way for them to divert their attention to something that is stress-free and beneficial to the environment, such as caring for a plant.

You can follow a hummingbird’s journey from bloom to blossom or just stop to smell the roses. Sometimes the visual stimulation provided by a professionally designed commercial landscape can be enough to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Encourages On-Site Team Building

Employers will often budget for team-building activities that are usually off-site. You give them an opportunity to save money on transport and build a relationship with your property. Imagine the community building and team building that can be achieved by installing raised beds to grow vegetables for the poor.

Physical Activity Increased

Office workers today spend the majority of their time at work staring at a computer screen. This desk-bound lifestyle is not good for our health. Every movement is beneficial, which is why many commercial properties in the Atlanta area are more interested in adding bike and walking trails. It’s not only a free way to encourage an active lifestyle, but it gives tenants another reason for staying onsite. There’s nothing better than going for a walk after a hard day of meetings. Then coming back refreshed and with a positive outlook. Outdoor spaces that encourage physical activity can be included in a company’s wellness program. This can help lower an employer’s healthcare costs.

Improved Social Interaction

Research shows that spending time with plants can have a positive impact on the relationships we have with our coworkers, at work, and at home. Simply put, coworkers will be more likely to reach out to others if they spend more time caring for and observing ornamental plants.

Show empathy and Safer Traffic Flow

Did you ever drive to work on autopilot? Have you ever climbed into your car after a long day at work and felt completely exhausted? Both of these scenarios are not the best times to get behind the wheel. You can increase pedestrian and driver safety by adding high-impact flower beds to curbsides or medians. Professionally landscaped curbsides and medians can raise awareness about the presence of pedestrian walkways and traffic lanes. Employees can feel pride in their work by identifying beautiful landscapes with a higher quality of living.

Can Your Commercial Property Benefit from Therapeutic Garden Design?

Consider it: Happy employees = happy employers.

Design Scape’s design department includes experienced landscape architects and planners who can create visually stimulating landscapes or outdoor seating arrangements.

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