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Top 5 Facts About Satanism

In this installment, we’re counting down the most interesting and myth-busting facts about satanism, also known as levay(demon slayer hashira names) and Satan is a modern satanism and rational satanism.

 So let’s see no way. 


The church of Satan was founded by a former Kearney. Kearney and part of a noble tradition, Confucianism was founded by Confucius, Buddhism was founded by Buddha, and satanism was founded by not Satan by Anton Xander levay. Also, check- spiritual weapon 5e

 Well, when I was a teenager I was interested in the occult and the occult in those days meant you got a dream book. When you got books on fortune-telling. All that sort of thing details of his biography are often disputed or disproved but supposedly he joined the Clyde Beatty circus as a teenager and soon became a lion tamer.

 His musical ability earned him a position. Playing the calliope in the organ for notable circus greats as he traveled along the Pacific coast. In the circus, he developed an interest in the occult and magic. He became a bit of a local celebrity in San Francisco. Offers cult lectures and rituals.

 Ultimately in 1966, he founded the first official church of Satan and was with leader until his death in 1997. 

No Satan in satanism

Number 4 there is no Satan in satanism. It some possible you’re probably scratching your head with this one. According to the Satanic Bible written by levay. The church of Satan is atheistic to true sickness. The idea of god or the devil is pure fiction.

 Satan is used as a metaphor assembled von of enlightenment, hedonism, wisdom, individualism and liberty. They discourage the worship of Satan as a deity. All those things as an appropriate symbol for the church as he represents nonconformity and rebellion. Especially against Abraham at religions that levay saw as irrational.

 You’re gonna be the center. Be the best cinema bar. The church sees no real connection between Satan and the number 666, though they do enjoy using it to moxie prestigious Christians. 

For those looking to sell their soul to the devil, the church says if you want something out of life. Get off your lazy and work for it. 

Accepted all forms of sexuality 

Number 3 the church of Satan has accepted all forms of sexuality since 1966. You think homosexuality is a sin. I think that it’s. It’s it’s natural. Our society still gets all shaken up when talking about sexuality. In the military church,s governments, and other institutions but not at the church of St. 

It doesn’t discriminate against sexual orientation or acts as long as it’s consensual between 2 adults or however many adults are involved. Hello, Yeah. I’m here for the gang by the religion values gratification pleasure very highly. Doesn’t believe in any absolute morality that might condemn one sexuality. The bay himself courage sexual exploration and expression and so if one is transgendered, gay, bisexual, lesbian or even a sexual the church of Satan welcomes you with open arms. You’re free to explore New Horizons. Okay. 

 Holiday in Satanism is your Birthday

Number 2 the biggest holiday in satanism is your birthday. One thing is wonderful. What do we do on our birthdays? We make ourselves into the center of attention in big fat cakes, get bombarded with gifts, and spend the whole day in restaurants. Hopping for free birthday meals. 

Well, all that just happens to be a core tenet of satanism self-indulgence. Although Halloween is also important. Satanists one ‘s birthday is the most important day in sickness and is a self-centered religion. 

The holiday doesn’t require anything spectacular as long as it is celebrated. However, the CTS once if you find this revelation repulsive just look back on your last birthday and see how well you behaved. Everybody has parties and clubs. My party needs to be special I’ll cancel it if you can’t be on the beach you know.

The cardinal sin of state all states

 It is number one stupidity is the cardinal sin of state all states. This is to be is this David Gillis. There are 9 satanic. Since being a moron is the biggest one of them. All the ignorance for say that can be cured with learning but stupidity allows people to be manipulated and to do only as they’re told.

 The subsequent sins on this list are quite pragmatic. Satan has also forbidden pretentiousness, conformity, lack of perspective, aesthetics, and counterproductive pride.

 One of the church’s principles is fairly aligned with the law and to some degree other religions, one major difference is that they support the idea of lex tell the onus or 9 for 9 it’s a matter of getting even a form of retribution. This principle of justice is found in the Old Testament.

 So whoever strikes you on your right cheek. You go ahead and smack them on the left cheek. That’s the sickness way. So do you think about satanism? I tried it well lord knows I tried it. Do you feel drawn to its philosophies and don’t quite know how to feel about it like I do.

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