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Top 5 Interesting Facts About Edinburgh College

Edinburgh is an amazing city and truly one of the most beautiful places in the UK. There are lots of attractions, the architecture is marvelous and you are just bound to fall in love with the whole vibe. This city keeps you on your toes with hidden gems and surprises behind every corner. It is the perfect destination for families, young people, and basically any tourist interested in the history of Scotland and Great Britain in general. This city is also home to one of the most renowned educational institutions in the country, Edinburgh University. Here are some of the most interesting facts about it.


The university is an alma mater to more than 35 000 students annually. Almost half of those are international students thus making it a melting pot of cultures and the perfect medium for knowledge exchange. There are five major locations of the university all scattered around the city, however, if you hire a car you will have no issue getting from one place to the other. The Old College and the New College seem to lure the biggest crowds of tourists, but stay considerate and try not to disturb the educational processes. If you stop by Enterprise Edinburgh, you will be able to get the necessary vehicle and easily get around the campus to see the most of it.


Edinburgh University is the sixth oldest university in the country and thus even if you do not have the privilege of acquiring an educational degree here, the campus is still well worth the visit. You will surely enjoy the marvelous architecture of different centuries intertwined in one educational establishment. It originally started as the college of law, but later grew to the size it is today. This educational institution was at the forefront of the fight for women to get a degree. The activist group formed on the basis of this university campaigned for women to be able to graduate from higher educational establishments. 

City itself

Edinburgh is the ideal place for a student since it is big enough to let you spread your wings and at the same time small enough for you to make meaningful connections and not feel overwhelmed by the pace of life. You can find cheap car hiring services and be able to explore not only the capital of Scotland but also the surrounding sights and stunning landscapes nearby. 

Some of the most prominent locations in the city are the Arthur Seat, the Royal Mile, and the Scottish Parliament. If you are looking to relax, then Grassmarket can offer some of the most decently priced pubs and Portobello, which is an ideal location for a sunny day’s getaway on the beach. Some of the top places in the vicinity are Rosslyn Chapel, Glasgow, and St. Andrews. Besides, you can go hiking in the Scottish Highlands or Trossachs National Park.

Safety and Reputation

Not only is this university highly regarded in the country, but also one of the top educational establishments in the world. It ranked 15th top university in the world and thus you will surely know that your acquired degree will be highly competitive in the job market. Moreover, the city itself has a relatively low crime rate and thus is rather safe for young people. You can easily find cars with low prices and you will not be worried about their safety, so obviously you can get a longer-term rental contract and better pricing as well.

Social Life

As basically any university, Edinburgh University can boast a diverse social life agenda. What makes this place unique is that there are almost 300 clubs to choose from, so you can easily find a sport or a hobby to your liking. You can choose a serious route and get enrolled in a sport or educational club, or have a bit of fun with it and sign up for the studies of Harry Potter, chocolate making, or any other fun activity on the list.

Even if you are quite picky with your preferences, you will have something to take up on campus or in the city. Plus, since the university participates in exchange programs, you can even take part in it yourself and travel abroad to expand your horizons. The university encourages students to pursue their interests and participate in as many activities as they wish or could reasonably fit into their schedule.

Overall, Edinburgh University draws the attention of students and tourists from different parts of the world. It has stunning architecture, intricate history, and proud background. You will find bustling social life and a highly organized and respected educational process. The university is home to different cultures and sometimes can even seem like a myriad of contrasts that neatly fit together. 

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