Top 5 of the most beautiful parrots in the world

Among the most popular pets, the Parrot is at the top. Endowed with sharp intelligence, this exotic bird is also marvellously beautiful due, among other things, to its colourful plumage. Above all, he is appreciated for his incredible language skills. Overview of the most beautiful species of parrots in the world.

The Macaw Parrot

The Macaw Parrot is the best-known species. There are six genera, each including up to 11 species. Among them are the Hyacinth Macaw, the Cobalt Macaw, the Spix’s Macaw, the Blue Macaw (the most common), the Military Macaw, the Macao Macaw, the Red-and-Green Macaw or the Great Green Macaw. . Of course, this list is far from exhaustive. Generally, the Macaw is chosen for its unusual physical characteristics.

Already, it stands out for its large size, which can reach 90 cm depending on the species. The Macaw sports a lively and colourful plumage that makes all its beauty. The Blue Macaw especially stands out with its colour combining the softness of the turquoise blue of its wings and the liveliness of the golden yellow of its plumage. In addition, the Macaw sports a broad head a curved and large beak and a coloured and slender tail. His faculties to speak will surprise more than one.

The Amazon Parrot

Just like Macaws, Amazons come in different genera. They compete with their cousins ​​for their extraordinary beauty. Originally from Mexico, the Amazon reveals an average height of 40 cm. Its hooked and wide beak helps it to climb and grab and of course, to crack nuts, seeds and fruits for food. This species stands out for the beauty of its predominantly green coat.

Depending on the subspecies, the presence of other colours such as red on the plumage is possible. The head may also display some hints of yellow or blue. The Amazon has a powerful voice. He is an inveterate talker who will enjoy reproducing the human voice. He is intelligent, is always in a good mood and develops an excellent ability to adapt.

Gabon Gray

It may be less colourful than the budgie names or the Amazon but the African Gray has more than one trick up its sleeve. Indeed, this species living in the wild in Equatorial Africa is considered the most intelligent of parrots since it is able to understand up to 200 words. An excellent speaker, the Gray of Gabon is even capable of reproducing certain noises such as that of a door slamming or the telephone ringing. Physically, it pleases for its grey or ash plumage and bright red tail. It is also very large and measures up to 40 cm.

The Cockatoo

Native to Australia, the Cockatoo is a very common domesticated species. It has a beautiful eternal white plumage and is recognized by its yellow crest carried high or carried low depending on the time of day. The breed can live up to 70 years.

She specializes in mimicry with a reputation for being loud in her outbursts of madness. In addition, he is said to be stubborn and rather spontaneous as an animal. Playful, extroverted and curious, he is also a great joker.

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The Great Eclectus

An arboreal animal, the Greater Eclectus evolves mainly in cultivated areas. It has a dimorphic coloration which contributes to its beauty. Females and males do not necessarily display the same color dominance on their plumage. If the females are rather royal blue and red with the presence of black marks, the males will have a black, red coat and orange markings. This parrot is both a good talker and very curious.

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