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Top 5 React Js development tools

React developers should upgrade their skills consistently by learning about the best React js development tools available for the front end because everything changes so fastly in this specific area. 

This article is for React developers who want to learn how to save time and write cleaner and more concise code with the best React js development tools.

New tools for front-end development are launched every day. Hence, it’s impossible for react engineers to be aware of all of the tools available.

Before we move ahead first let us understand React js.

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React js Overview

React js library is the top open-source tool for front-end projects. 

It is based on React js components that can be used multiple times within a project, which boosts productivity significantly.

 It’s important to distinguish React js and react native: the former is a framework for designing web applications; the latter is a library for developing mobile applications.

Now, let’s look at the most popular libraries, React js testing tools and extensions that can make your React js development simple with ready-made ways for solving several issues. 

Here we compiled a list of 10 tools. Let’s dive in.

1. React Developer Tools

Firstly, Many react js developers are using this extension as it offers convenient debugging. 

Secondly, With React js Development tools, you can thoroughly examine your application. 

Thirdly, you can view the component tree.

Fourthly, able to view the state and properties of each selected component

Fifthly, track the interaction of react js components in the hierarchy

Sixthly, can check the source code

Lastly, able to debug performance issues in components.

To begin with React DevTools, first install Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension.

2. Create React App

Firstly, Create React App is a convenient react js environment for creating single-page apps.

Secondly, Using this environment, developers get the benefits of the latest JavaScript features.

Thirdly, can optimize the application for production to enjoy a comfortable experience during react js app development.

To get started with Create React App, you will need to configure Node.js 14.0.0 or later and npm 5.6.

This tool operates on macOS, Windows and Linux.

3. Storybook

Firstly, Storybook is an interactive environment for developing and testing React js UI components. 

Secondly, allows you to view the component React js library and different states of components.

Thirdly, the creation of new components doesn’t rely on the main project.

Fourthly,  The UI editor and a sandbox allow you to create and tweak components in isolation, 

Fifthly, simulate several use cases and automate testing. 

Lastly, improve the react js development speed, and ensure component reusability and testability.

4. Reactide

Firstly, Reactide is a dedicated IDE for react js web development and offers excellent features that help you optimize the development process.

Secondly, its Real-time component visualization displays your app’s architecture directly in the environment.

Thirdly, A built-in Node.js server combines with a custom browser simulator removes the hardships of any configuration.

Fourthly, Hot reloading features allow quick changes to view the immediate result in the browser.

In addition, It is a cross-platform tool with excellent features such as simple navigation, visual editing, and a collection of GUI controls for component styles and properties.

5. React Testing Library

Firstly, It’s crucial for any project to have a range of testing tools. 

Secondly, React js testing library allows you to test your React js code without too much hassle. 

In addition, adds functionality to the DOM Testing Library, on top of which it’s built.

Lastly, providing excellent React js documentation for smooth development.

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The above-mentioned tools are designed to solve various issues while developing React projects. 

The majority of them will help you with coding and visualizing, and others with testing and debugging.

The list is endless, and there are many more tools that can complement each other and add up to a React stack that perfectly matches your requirements.

One thing is certain: the right tools boost react js development and improve the code quality.

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Shalu Vashisht is a technical content writer and editor for BigScal. She has done Btech in Information Technology. She works closely with software development companies. Her specialities include content writing, digital marketing, and social media marketing. She loves enjoying travelling, food tasting, and reading psychology books.

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