Top 6 facts every engineer must know to get maximum points for Australian immigration

Do you want to know the tricks to get maximum points for Australian PR? Here are the top tips that every engineer should follow while writing CDR.

1) Things to consider to get maximum points for PR

1.1) Refer to MSA Manual

1.2) Begin with Personal Details

1.3) Keep your CPD up-to-date

1.4) Unique career Episode

1.5) Give summary statement finishing touch

1.6) Make Plagiarism-Free CDR

1.6.1) Personal Information

1..6.2) Application form

1..6.3) Education

1.6.4) Employment Details

1.6.5) Complete CDR Report

Do you want to obtain maximum points for Australian immigration PR?

Australia has been the favourite destination for many students who want to flourish their careers in the engineering domain. Engineers Australia, the assessing authority, has outlined strict guidelines to assess engineers based on their English language skills and other engineering competencies. A CDR report is crucial for engineers who do not possess Australian qualifications or qualifications from countries that are signatories of the Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, or Dublin Accord but are willing to migrate to Australia for skilled migration visas. Your skills and qualification will get an evaluation as an international degree. Hence, it would help if you could draft your CDR in an appropriate format prescribed by an EA in the MSA booklet.

Many Engineering candidates who wish to migrate to Australia fail to draft a perfect report and, as a result, obtain very few points or get rejected.so, here are some crucial points to consider that help avoid rejection and receive maximum points for Australian PR.

Things to consider to get maximum points for PR

  • Refer to MSA Manual

The foremost thing while drafting an excellent CDR document is to refer to the MSA manual. This booklet helps you provide details information about the structure of the complete CDR report. By this, you know what to include and focus on while writing your document. Always go through the instructions, do not claim the things you were not a part of and only have what EA wants in the CDR document.



  • Begin with Personal Details

All your information is composed of a CV-Resume that contains details about skills, abilities and most importantly, your work in the organisation. You should produce your Resume document with a clear vision and objectives to express your definite goal. It must be two pages long and within approximately 600-800 words.

  • Keep your CPD up-to-date.

A continuing Professional Development (CPD) is evidence of the current effort you use while gaining your skills in the nominated engineering occupation or ANZSCO code. This report includes keeping yourself updated with the emerging engineering technologies and discoveries. While preparing this report, one must remember that it needs to be drafted in a list format and should not exceed one page. It would be best if you could cover all the essential details such as the Title, Date, and Address of your training, workshop or any events you were a part of.

  • Unique career Episode

The most crucial part of the CDR reports every engineer should put extra effort into is the Career episode. It is also the primary reason for the report rejection by EA. A three career Episode must be completed to complete the CDR report. Each career episode should be written uniquely in three different projects. While writing your career Episode report, you should know their ideal length. Each career episode should be produced within approximately 1500-200 words describing your contribution to the project.

  • Give a summary statement finishing touch.

A summary statement is the last and crucial part of your CDR. It is the first page that Engineers Australia assessors read, so this should be produced in a format suggested by EA. A summary report plays a vital role in demonstrating your excellence in your work and educational background. While making a Summary report, you should remember that it should be prepared on one A4 page and contain all your achievements in a clear format.

  • Make Plagiarism-Free CDR

Engineers Australia is against plagiarism and always follows anti-plagiarism rules during the CDR assessment process. EA assessors are highly educated and are familiar with Advanced plagiarism detection software like” Turnitin”, so Always avoid copy-paste from various online and offline sources. Produce your original report that contains the following parameters:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Application form
  3. Education
  4. Employment Details
  5. Complete CDR Report

If you follow these tricks while drafting your CDR document, you can write a perfect report. If you are still stuck writing your flawless CDR, you can contact CDRforengineer to get the best assistance. We aim to provide High-Quality CDR writing and Reviewing services to all engineers willing to migrate to Australia for a skilled migration visa.

Our Experts Teams are from various engineering backgrounds and have several years of experience in CDR writing. They are familiar with EA guidelines and have a good command of Australian English. You can call us if you have problems with your CDR skill assessment. Our team can assist you with 24/7 support services to obtain a positive review from Engineers Australia.

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