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Top 8 Hotels In South Korea: About Class, and Comfort

Top 8 Hotels In South Korea: That Are All About Class, and Comfort

The world’s most renowned destination for its ability to strike a perfect balance between adventure, nature, and thrills, as well as technological advancements, South Korea is one East-Asian destination that needs no introduction to those who love traveling. The mountains or the fauna and flora or the enigmatic Buddhist temples or the exotic charm of the islands, this place has everything.

In addition to adding that much-needed style to your visit to this high-tech nation is some of the most prestigious accommodations located in South Korea that make a trip that’s fun and equally beautiful. Check them out! 

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Best Hotels in South Korea

1. Mercure Seoul Ambassador Gangnam Sodowe

If you’re looking for an extravagant stay within South Korea, then Mercure Seoul Hotel is the ideal hotel to stay at. It is among the top Hotels in Gangnam South Korea, each guestroom at the hotel is equipped with breathtaking panoramas of Gangnam’s skyline. Make sure that you are not missing the amazing selection of dishes served in the restaurant!

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Rate Per Night: INR Rs 6,945 – 10,317 (on the basis of double sharing)

2. Somerset Palace Seoul

If you’re contemplating a trip to South Korea, and you are planning to visit the South Korean city, the Somerset Palace is one of the top hotel options located in South Korea. The hotel is situated in the center of the city It makes it simple for travelers to go between the hotels to numerous tourist destinations. With a focus on hygiene and high quality, the hotel is also an excellent choice for those who love food since the hotel is located near numerous restaurants that are excellent.

Rate Per Night: INR Rs 8564% to Rs 16,521 (on an equal-share basis)

3. Novotel Ambassador Seoul Doksan

It is located close to Doksan Station, the Novotel Ambassador hotel is among the most sought-after hotel chains in South Korea. It has spacious rooms that are equipped with modern amenities The staff at the hotel is extremely friendly and welcoming which adds to the overall experience for customers.

Tariff Per Night: INR Rs 5,462 to Rs 9,845 (on the basis of double-sharing)

4. Best Western Premier Hotel Kukdo

Travelers on a budget are able to put their concerns at rest as South Korea has plenty of inexpensive choices. In any case, it is the Western Hotel Premier Hotel is among the top hotels for cheap accommodation in Seoul Korea which is centrally located and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. The hotel has spacious and clean rooms as well as a stylish interior, the decor and interiors at the Western Premier Hotel are impeccable to the very core.

Rate Per Night: INR Rs 4,990 to Rs 9,305 (on the basis of double sharing)

5. Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

The Grand InterContinental offers everything that redefines the definition of luxury. It is without a doubt among the top beautiful hotel chains located in South Korea and is a traditional example of a five-star hotel. In addition to food, there are other facilities The Grand InterContinental offers its best to every customer. If you are traveling to South Korea for business, this hotel is a great option for those who need to travel for business.

Rate Per Night: INR Rs 15,779 to 24,343 (on an equal-share basis)

6. Conrad Seoul

The Conrad Hilton Seoul is a luxurious hotel. The rooms are all maintained and equipped with top-quality services. Each room has stunning views of the nearby Park and River. The executive lounge is regarded as the highlight of the hotel, the hotel is also linked to a shopping center that offers a variety of dining options as well.

Tariff Per Night: INR Rs 15,577- Rs 24,208 (on an equal-share basis)

7. Ramada Hotel and Suites

It is regarded as one of the most luxurious hotels that you can find in South Korea, Ramada hotel and suites are located near the heart in the center of Seoul. Travelers can easily find the hotel when getting into the city from the airport. With stunning rooms and well-organized staff, the hotel is a wonderful combination of both food and accommodation which makes it a great choice for travelers in South Korea.

Tariff Per Night: INR Rs 5,529 – 11,733 (on the basis of double-sharing)

8. MVL Hotel Kintex

You’re looking for affordable options? Take a look at the MVL Hotel Kintex located in South Korea. It has exquisitely decorated rooms and friendly and helpful staff, it’s the ideal accommodation for backpackers and budget-conscious travelers looking for low-cost accommodation within South Korea.

Tariff Per Night: INR Rs 11,194-Rs 14,767 (on an equal-share basis)

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