Top 8 Twitter Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Small business marketing is based on social media and Twitter continues to be a popular way to reach customers.

Twitter continues to grow as a social media platform despite many believing it will go away. The network has held its ground against strong competition and even absorbed Tumblr users.

Social media marketing is a great way for small businesses to reach customers organically.

There are some things small business marketers need to remember when using Twitter. You should also contact a digital specialist before finalizing your marketing strategy.

Twitter Tips For Small Businesses

  1. Do not ignore your Twitter account

The first thing that consumers see about your company on Twitter is its profile. If it’s not informative and engaging, they’ll leave before you even start converting them into customers.

The profile image should reflect your logo in high quality. Optimizing the header is also important. You should use graphics and images that reflect the personality of your company. Infographics and other design tools can be used to create visually appealing visuals.

  1. Your brand voice should be heard

Digital branding does not only involve the strategic use of your logo but also the use of brand colors and fonts that make your brand easily identifiable to the public.

Small businesses should also consider branding on social media. Voice is an important aspect of branding. Twitter is the type of network that allows you to easily share your company’s voice.

It is important to choose the voice that you will use. This can be humorous, serious, sarcastic, or informative and should be included in all your tweets.

  1. Chat, comment, or connect

Twitter is all about conversations and connections. Although you are required to tweet about your business or interests, it is not enough to expect people to find your account by accident. You need to first do outreach.

Comment on relevant posts and retweet or like tweets that might be of interest to you. Send a thank-you tweet to someone who follows you. Consider following them if they have many followers.

  1. Twitter can be used as a news source

It can be tempting to flood Twitter with tweets about the latest products and services or the evolution of your company since its inception. Twitter users are not using the platform to send out these tweets.

While Instagram and Facebook are the most popular platforms for entertainment, Twitter is now the primary source of news information for Internet users.

  1. Keep up-to-date with Twitter changes

Social media is always changing and evolving. Although it can be difficult to keep up with the updates, it is essential to know that they are constantly changing.

  1. Social listening

Social media cannot be used to send information and expect people not to reply. You are not privy to the conversations taking place around and about you.

These conversations can have a huge impact on your brand, even though you don’t know much about them. Social listening is a great way to monitor conversations about your brand.

  1. Advertise on Twitter

Although small businesses are unlikely to pay for social media, it is something that you might want to consider in the future.

There are several ways to use Twitter for paid promotions, such as trending and sponsored posts.

Promoted tweets look just like regular tweets but with a tiny “Promoted” banner at the bottom. These tweets reach users on Twitter who don’t follow yours, making them a great way for you to increase your tweets and reach new followers.

  1. Schedule your tweets

No more logging in to Twitter and manually tweeting every post. Social media scheduling tools are used by most marketers to schedule tweets for specific times throughout the day or week.

You should post when your audience is most likely to see your tweets. What time do people check your account? Breaks in the day like lunch hour, are a good time to check your account.


Twitter is a great way to reach customers. However, you must use it properly to make the most of it.

You can work on your Twitter profile and interact with the public. Do not be afraid to experiment with posting times and consider paying for promotions in the future.

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