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Top Reasons To Perform Pre-Employment Screening

Employers must gather as much information as possible about their candidates during any hiring process. Traditional methods of getting to know candidates, such as interviews and resumes, often need to provide more accurate information for pre-employment screening. Research shows that summaries can be notoriously inaccurate. 78% contain misleading statements, and 46% are filled with lies. Interviews, especially those that need to be structured, can also be subjective and serve as poor predictors of job performance.

However, well-validated and properly designed tests can be a reliable and objective way to gather job-related information about candidates. By providing accurate results that can be used across all applicants, pre-employment tests add an element of objectivity to the hiring process. Employers can use this data to make more informed and better-defended hiring decisions. You can read more about it by surfing on the internet or typing in Google, e.g pre employment medical checks Uk.

Additionally, pre-employment testing can have tangible benefits for companies. HR professionals and business owners have two main problems with hiring: they spend too much time on hiring and make more mistakes than they can afford. Pre-employment testing can address both of these issues. By drastically reducing the time required to read resumes and conduct interviews, pre-employment testing will reduce the time and cost associated with hiring. Tests can provide objective, reliable data that predict job performance and increase quality. This will ultimately lead to improvements in the bottom line, such as increased workforce productivity and lower turnover.

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Reasons for Pre-Employment Testing:

Pre-employment testing offers many benefits. They simplify the hiring process and strengthen the organization by increasing the chances that new employees will succeed. Pre-employment testing is a way to ensure that the selection process aligns with desired business outcomes, such as lower turnover and increased sales. A company can reap the most important benefits of implementing an employee testing program.

  • Productivity increases
  • Retention of employees is increased, and turnover costs are reduced (e.g., training and hiring costs).
  • More efficient, less time-consuming hiring process
  • Using objective, validated metrics to increase the defensibility in the hiring process

Productivity Increase

Research shows that pre-employment tests, which are professionally designed and validated, can accurately predict employee productivity in a variety of industries and job types. Because they objectively assess the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, tests are one of the best ways to predict performance.

Higher Employee Retention and Lower Turnover Costs

Pre-employment testing is a great way to increase employee retention. It ensures that new employees have the basic aptitude for the job and the personality or temperament necessary to be comfortable doing the work. These factors can reduce the chance of employees being fired for failing to complete training or performing poorly (involuntary turn-off) and increase the likelihood that employees will leave on their own (voluntary turn-off).

A call center working in the financial sector is one example that shows the importance of pre-employment testing as a way to reduce turnover. Employee retention was a significant business problem for many call centers. The company decided to administer the criteria basic skills test to all new hires and then analyze the relationship between retention rates and test scores after six months. They found that employees with higher test scores were less likely to be fired or quit. 

More Efficient, Less Time-Consuming Hiring Process

It can take up to 45 days to fill a new job. According to the Center for Economic and Business Research, 43% of job openings can be served in 30 days. 57% of job openings filled in the first month will be open for at least 90 days. This is not because there need to be more applicants. Each online posting receives an average of 250 resumes. Our data also suggests that each position doubled in size between 2009 and 2015. It is becoming increasingly more work for recruiters to manage applicant flow and find suitable candidates among a sea of resumes. This process can be significantly simplified by including pre-employment testing in the hiring process.

Increased Defensibility of the Hiring Process

Pre-employment testing is a great way to help a company improve business outcomes. It can also increase the objectivity, fairness, and legal defensibility of an organization’s hiring process. Companies should use fair and legal employee selection and promotion practices. Federal guidelines govern pre-employment tests. They are intended to ensure reasonable and non-discriminatory hiring practices. Some companies feel that using employment tests can increase a company’s legal exposure. Employers use the same selection methods as pre-employment testing. However, they must follow the same guidelines.

Employers should be aware of the legal issues associated with employment testing. However, employers need to understand that employment testing can enhance legal defensibility by increasing the objectivity of an organization’s employee selection processes. Employers who follow legal guidelines when implementing testing programs are better equipped to defend their procedures in the unlikely event of a legal challenge to their hiring practices.

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