Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

SEO Benefits of Responsive

SEO Benefits of Responsive

SEO benefits: In today’s competitive digital world, responsive web design isn’t a nice to have. It’s a must-have. Mobile has become an important part of online browsing and doing business. Over 60% of search engine queries come from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Despite this obvious trend, many brands still fail to give their visitors a mobile experience that is easy to use. A recent study by LogMeIn and the research firm Vanson Bourne found that only 52% of people were happy with their experience when they interacted with a business on their mobile device. Even scarier, about 91% of people said they wouldn’t do business with a brand again if they had a bad mobile experience, and 38% of those people would write a bad review about it online or tell a friend. Consult with the best SEO services company in Delhi to take the benefits from SEO.

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SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

Better Rankings In Google

Google likes websites that only have one unit for all devices. Google wants a website to have a responsive design, and the ones that do will show up higher in search results. In a way, it helps SEO all by itself. Google’s rules and guidelines are made in a way that works best for a website with a responsive design. When it comes to Google, signals from users matter. If people leave your site because it doesn’t work well on their screens, your rankings can drop significantly.

No Need For Two Websites

When you make two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile, the URLs may not work, making the content hard to find. Your site’s copy is buried inside, which greatly hurts its ranking. Google doesn’t like URLs with duplicate content. When a responsive design is turned on for your website, it works as a single unit. It helps URLs work more effectively and better. So, now that your website has a unique URL, you should see a huge drop in the number of people who leave right away and a huge rise in traffic from search engines.

Reduction In Bounce Rates

What will happen if someone goes to your site now that it doesn’t have a responsive design? The visitor will have a hard time seeing the website on their phone and may have to zoom or move around to see everything. Also, it will take time for all URLs to load, and crawling will happen. So, the visitor will leave your website with nothing and return. Google looks at signals from users and how they interact with a website to figure out how to rank it. Bounce rates hurt rankings.

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Website Speed

If your site’s design is responsive, it will load faster. Because it has many URLs, it is slow and will take a while to load. It can take an average of 7 seconds, which is quite a long time. But because of the way it is made, it loads faster. Google says it should be close to one second, and with help, you can get close to that. Here are some of the many good things that happen when you turn on the responsive design on your website. Since you’ve read them, I’m sure you’ll activate them soon to help your website improve on the internet and make it SEO-friendly.

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