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Top Types of Virtual Events

Types of Virtual Events

Virtual events are simply events that take place over a web environment instead of being organized at a physical location. Virtual events utilize the internet and allow people to connect from the comfort of their homes; eliminating the need to travel. Not only this, virtual events are much cheaper and allow a global audience to come together on a single platform. 

There are several kinds of virtual events popular across the world. In this blog, we are exploring some of them. Have a look: 

  • Online Conferences and Summits:

Virtual conferences and summits are quite popular in the business world. Generally, people from several organizations who share the same interests come together on a single platform. The agenda of a conference revolves around some particular topic in and around the industry. Virtual conferences allow professionals to interact, communicate, discuss and learn. Virtual conferences and physical conferences are similar; except for the fact that virtual conferences are held on virtual conference platforms. Virtual conferences generally last from one day to one week or more. They consist of networking sessions, panel discussions, keynote presentations, etc. 

  • Online Exhibitions: 

As you can understand by the name itself, virtual exhibitions are one kind of virtual event where different businesses come together to showcase their products and services. Not only this, but through this, they also get to interact with the audience. In an online exhibition, exhibitors set up their virtual booths to display their services, interact with the audience, and sell their services. As we have mentioned earlier, online exhibitions are similar to in-person exhibitions, except for their medium of hosting. An online exhibition consists of several elements, such as virtual booths, networking lounges, lobby, networking lounges, etc. 

  • Online Music Fests: 

Online music fests are just regular music festivals or concerts, except that in virtual or digital music fests, the attendees can enjoy a live performance without leaving their homes. Online music festivals are becoming extremely popular these days, as they come with convenience and benefits. With an online music fest, the attendees can enjoy listening to their favorite international band without crossing oceans. They come with different opportunities to save money and time, and also, expand the reach of the music festival. Online music festivals gained popularity during the times of the pandemic when the world was compelled to stay indoors. 

  • Online Job Fairs:

An online Job Fair is an online event where the job seekers and employers come together on a single platform. An online job fair is one event where organizations and companies hire deserving candidates for their companies in suitable roles. Since the online job fairs are conducted over the internet, they allow the job seekers to interact, network, ask questions and connect with the organizations, all within their comfort zones. Online job fairs enable the applicants to apply to their favorite organizations, irrespective of their location; without traveling to them. 

  • Online On-Boarding Events: 

On-Boarding events, similar to their in-person counterparts, are the events where the employers welcome their newest set of employees officially to the company. The objective behind these events is to introduce the employees to company culture, their roles, and responsibilities. Other than that, organizations conduct virtual on-boarding events to train their new employees. Since most of the world is working remotely now, virtual on-boarding events enable employers to maintain connection and seamless induction without worrying about the physical barriers. Not only this, virtual onboarding events allow the employees to interact with the already existing employees of the company. 

  • Online Graduation Ceremonies: 

As we all know, Graduation ceremonies are the events where the student receives their degree and officially passes out from the college, school, or university. Likewise, online graduation ceremonies are online events where the student is presented with their degrees and is the commencement of a phase of their life using a virtual event platform. Like other events, virtual graduation ceremonies became popular at the time of the pandemic. Since online learning and schooling became so common during the pandemic, online graduation ceremonies allow students across the world to join and celebrate their big day. Online graduation ceremonies are hosted on the Customizable virtual event platform, eliminating the risk of the transition of the diseases. 

  • Online Town Hall Meetings: 

Virtual Town Hall Meetings are similar to regular organizational meetings hosted in most organizations to get everyone together on one platform. The objective behind hosting a town hall meeting is to bring all the employees and leadership members of an organization together on one page. Since it is not always possible for all the employees working in an organization to interact with each other, town hall meetings allow them to interact. Not only this, the main objective of hosting town hall meetings is to discuss and strategize upcoming months workwise. 

  • Online Award Ceremonies: 

As you might have understood, online award ceremonies are similar to their in-person counterparts, where people from a particular industry gather virtually to appreciate those who excelled in their work. Online award ceremonies are a regular event these days. The reason behind this is simple; like other virtual events, online award ceremonies also eliminate the need to travel. People get to connect through 3D virtual event platforms. 

  • Online Team-Building Events: 

As the name says, online team-building events are those events or activities that allow the organization to boost interactivity among its employees. As we have mentioned earlier, due to remote working, employees find it difficult to interact with their fellow employees. Not only this, there are times when they don’t even know who they are working with. Hence, to fill the gaps between the employees and bring them to the same page, organizations host regular team-building activities. Not only this, but team-building activities have also proven to boost positivity among employees and have boosted their productivity. 

We have explained all kinds of virtual events that are popular these days; we hope you find this guide helpful. Now that you are clear about the types of online events, plan your own event soon. 


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