Track your Credit Card Application Status in 2022

You can track the application status of your credit card with the help of the application number of the reference number. Some financial institutions have the option of calling their customer care executive only to let their customers know their application status, but for you to find out the application status, you need to go through the following process.

Steps to track the application status of your credit card

If you want to track your credit card status, you need to follow a simple step. First of all, you have to visit the bank’s official website and click the track application status of the bank. After clicking the application status, you will get a prompt display where we will have to enter various details, including your PAN number or application ID number. After giving the details, you can only click the status option to get your application status. The website will provide you with information regarding the status of your credit card. Alternatively, you can also visit the bank or make a call to the customer care executive of the branch to check the status of your credit card application.

Tracking the status offline.

Most people might prefer to track the status of their instant credit card online, but you can also choose to do it offline. The easiest way to do it is by calling the customer care executive of the bank. If your registered mobile number has the SMS banking service, you can also receive the status by simply getting an SMS. But before you visit the bank or call the customer care executive, you need to keep some of the information handy. This information includes:

  • The reference number of the application number that the bank offers during the time of application
  • Your registered mobile number
  • Details of your pan card
  • Your date of birth

Results that you can expect

After you check the application status, you can expect these results including:

  • In process

Once an application comes to this status, the bank will process the application after checking the documents for conducting any hard inquiry on the applicant’s credit score. After the bank reviews the application, it can either reject or accept the same.

  • On hold

If the status reads on hold, the applicant might have to present some documents. Sometimes the issuer might be reaching for the details regarding the credit score from various credit agencies. In such a situation, the applicant can call the bank only to check the progress of the credit card status. The applicant can also draft an email to get further information.

  • Dispatched

Once the applicant looks forward to this status, they can expect the card within a few days. In most situations, the applicant can expect the credit card to reach their doorstep within 3 to 4 business days.

  • Disapproved

If the bank declines the credit card application, the cardholder will come across this status. The reasons could be numerous for the decline. The common reason would be a low credit score or non-eligibility for the credit card. In such a situation, the applicant needs to speak to the bank on the issue or only check the reason for the disapproval.

  • No records

In such a situation, you need to incorporate the right details and reload the page to get the correct information about your application status.

If you have applied for a credit card, you can check the credit card status by simply tracking the application. Most credit card issues allow their customer to check the status online by simply logging in to the website. But one can also call the customer care executive or visit the branch to know the status.

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