Transfer EML to Zoho Mail Account Without Losing Any Attachments

Transfer EML Files to Zoho Mail: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you wish to Transfer a big number of emails from a .eml file into your Zoho Mail account? There are two choices if this is the case. The first is totally automated, whereas the second is entirely manual. The most Transferant disadvantage of manually Transfering emails into Zoho Mail is the file size limitation. Users are unable to upload files that are larger than 500MB. In addition, many individuals consider the treatment to be difficult and time-consuming. As a result, we’ve put up a straightforward step-by-step guide on how to simply Transfer EML to Zoho Mail.

Issues with Manual Transfer of EML Files into Zoho Mail

If you want to Transfer EML to Zoho Mail, you have two choices to choose from, depending on your requirements. If you try to solve the problem manually, you may encounter the following issues:-

  • The email Transfer feature in Zoho Mail has constraints that prevent it from being used in mass.
  • You must split EML files larger than 500 MB if you want to transfer them. ZIP files will be added later. All of this may be inconvenient for non-technical users.
  • With emails, there is no support for attachments.
  • There’s also no guarantee that email characteristics and folder structure will be maintained.
  • Let’s take a look at an expert solution that Transfers EML to Zoho Mail profiles in a few easy actions.

How to Convert EML Files to Zoho Mail Account

EML Converter Software by Turgsis a professional solution. It can successfully Transfer EML files from numerous users into Zoho Mail. Along with emails, the program allows you to exchange attachments. You may preview the email body and content, which is a Transferant function of the application. You may also use the EML files to search for particular information if you want to. The program, on the other hand, contains a slew of additional user-assistance features. Let’s get a better understanding of it by looking at screenshots of the program and how it works.

Easy Steps to Transfer EML to Zoho Mail

Follow the provided step-by-step instructions to Transfer EML to Zoho Mail in a matter of minutes.

Before you start

If you want to test out the tool before committing to utilizing it for the process, you may do so by downloading the Demo version. It works with all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. To get started with the product, choose the Download Now option from the drop-down menu below. You may transfer up to 25 EML files at a time with the free trial version of Zoho Mail. Upgrade to one of the various Pro licenses to Transfer an unlimited amount of emails into Zoho Mail with attachments.

Working Procedures in Detail

  1. Download and install the automatic software.
  2. Select the “Choose Folder” option and browse for .eml files.
  3. Choose the desired folder and click the “Next” button.
  4. Select the IMAP option as the saving option.
  5. Enter your Zoho Mail login details and click the “Save” button.

Note: You will notice a folder in Zoho Mail that contains the EML files that you have Transferred. Log in to your account to obtain 100% accurate results.

Benefits of the EML to Zoho Mail Converter Tool

The EML to Zoho Mail Migration Tool is the most comprehensive tool to transfer EML to Zoho Mail. In the following sections, we’ll go through some of the application’s primary benefits.

  • It can Transfer EML files or folders into Zoho Mail with attachments, and it is completely safe and easy to use.
  • It offers a uniform and user-friendly interface platform for both technical and non-technical users.
  • During the export procedure, the program will keep the email folder structure.
  • During the Transfer phase, the program saves all email Meta characteristics.
  • Users may Transfer numerous EML files into Zoho Mail at the same time without experiencing any issues.
  • It’s a stand-alone application that also lets you examine email data and the content.
  • There are no limitations on file size or quantity of emails when transfer EML to Zoho Mail.
  • All versions of Microsoft Windows, including server versions, are supported by the program.


You won’t have to go far for instructions on how to Transfer EML to Zoho Mail. We walked you through the whole procedure step by step and provided a one-stop solution for the work. Contact our specialists at any moment if you have any questions.

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