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A travel agency is an individual firm where all the travel goods and services are assembled and coordinated for the conduct of travel agency business. It is also one of the most important firm in tourism. And plays a significant and crucial role in the development and promotion of the tourism industry in the country. The travel agencies is the one who helps in packages and processes for all the attractions, accesses ancillary services and amenities of a nation, and also presents them to the tourist. It also participates in the image building of a country in front of tourists. The Moroccan travel agency in New York is also famous among all.

A better travel agency keeps the arrangement of travel in the form of tickets, like rail, air, road, and sea tickets. It also manages all the travel documents like visas, passports, and all those documents which are required for the traveling purpose. All the accommodations, entertainment, and other travel-related services from the suppliers. The travel agency also secures travel insurance and foreign currency for those traveling.

What are the types of travel agencies?

The travel agency is categorized into two types, Retail travel agencies, and wholesale travel agencies. The retail travel agency is the one that sells tourist products directly to the public from the suppliers of the product, and in return, they get a commission from it. For example, the travel agency sells a tour at a marked-up price. Initially, it marks up the cost of the time and then sells it at a higher rate. That markup price is the difference between retail and wholesale costs.

Here the primary source of revenue for the retail travel agency is the commission they receive from the vendors directly. But the rate of that commission varies firm-wise. The travel agencies gets a maximum of 95% of the revenue from the commission and the remaining 5% of the commission they receive from the consultancy services and others.

Wholesale travel agencies are known for specializing in organizing package tours. Those are marketed to the customers and tourists with the help of the network of a retail travel agency or directly to prospective clients. The wholesale travel agency purchases tourist product components in bulk and then designs the tour packages.

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What is the specialized job of a whole sales travel agency?

The wholesale travel agency assembles the package holidays and then sells them to the clients through the retail travel agencies. A typical package tour includes the items like accommodation, air tickets, and other activities like entertainment, sports, and sightseeing. These tours also include escort services and are sold to those who wish to travel independently.

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How a wholesale travel agency generates profits?

The wholesale travel agencies receives a considerable discount from the principal suppliers because they agree to purchase many airline seats. And also reserves a significant number of rooms in hotels or resorts at a particular time.

Who is a tour operator?

The person who sells a vacation package is called a tour operator. There is also a difference between the tour operator and the wholesaler. Tour operators sell directly to the clients, whereas wholesale travel agencies does not sell directly.

What is the importance of the travel agency?

Travel agencies plays an essential role in tourism and the travel sector business. It creates links between the clients in the principal suppliers. They are known for their image builder. They ensure rapid travel services and provider of authentic and reliable travel information. It is a social and continuous ongoing process between the clients and the vendors.

What are the functions of a travel agency?

The travel agencies is recognized as a vital component of tourism and travel and has become an integral part of the global travel industry. With time, people have become more fond of travelling, so they are getting worthy daily. The 60

Five of the travel agencies revenues are derived from business travel. Many travel agencies specialize in one sector, and many sell both leisure and commercial travel.

What are the services provided by the travel agency?

The travel agencies provides the services of travel information. For example, itinerary preparation, airline ticketing, reservation, tour packaging and costing, reservation of rooms and seats in the cultural programs, and transportation. Some travel agencies also provide travel insurance to their clients and customers.

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By booking through a travel agencies one may get the benefit of being safe and protected, it is more flexible. The travel agents do all the work so that one may not need to have any tensions and can save money and time. The expert’s advice is always there for the customer and also guides wherever needed. One may pay in installments too through booking by the travel agent or travel agencies.

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