Understand the role of nozzle check valves

Check valves are considered important valves for potable water transmission and distribution project needs. It is important to ensure that fluid is flowing in the right direction and at the same time creates a leakproof feature. Check valves are a vital component to control the fluid flow for protecting your compressors, pumps and other equipment from damage. There are different types of check valves used for various applications in numerous industries and one of those valves is – nozzle check valves. Few people know less about such valves. Read this complete article to explore more about nozzle check valves.


Is the usage of check valves necessary?


Yes, the usage of check valves is necessary. The reason is most water applications demand flow in one direction and prevent backflow. Reverse flow in any system can cause damage and even contamination can occur in water treatment plants. Check valves for potable water transmission and distribution systems can allow the fluid to flow unidirectionally. Check valves operate automatically and avoid fluid flowing backwards. Generally, check valves are self-automated valves which do not need any human input for either closing or opening. We can witness that potable water projects are increasing and usage of these valves is also elevating. The selection of check valves needs to fit particular applications. There are a broad variety of check valves used and among these valves, nozzle check valves are used too.


What are nozzle check valves?


Nozzle check valves are non-slam check valves which are “self-actuated regulating” devices and offer high performance. These are non-return valves that are highly reliable and are designed mainly for demanding applications. It means that nozzle check valves can immediately react to greater deceleration rates along with “non-slamming” performance, it lessens water hammer in reverse fluid flow conditions. If you compare nozzle check valves with other types of valves, then these valves provide energy efficiency and unequalled high flow. You can select the valve body as well as the internal orifice designs, specially optimized for the fluid flow conditions of specific given applications. Nozzle check valves available in the market usually feature -a diffuser that aids in recovering the head loss unlike any other non-return valves and it reduces energy consumption.

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What are the main features of nozzle check valves?


> Nozzle check valves are installed to avoid unintended reverse fluid flow.

> These valves are aimed to be installed for protecting against the results of backflow.

> Fast speed and short stroke length, nozzle check valves are best for compressor and critical pump applications.

> The disc’s axial movement produces a streamlined fluid flow and it reduces the pressure drop with very less seat leakage and less turbulence.

> Avoids effect of water hammer

> Low-pressure loss because of aerodynamic design.


The maximum longevity and energy efficiency of nozzle check valves make this type of valve best for potable water transmission and distribution systems.


What are the two main types of nozzle check valves?


You will find two types of used nozzle check valves that are usually high in efficiency and performance.


a) Z-Type disc nozzle check valves


Z-type disc nozzle check valves feature an aerodynamic and turbulent less fluid flow path. These valves offer users high fluid flow, and non-slam with low head losses. Usually, these types of valves have a spring design along with a diffuser that assists users by offering maximum pressure drop recovery that maximizes energy efficiency. The diffuser present diffuses the performance of the disc. Z-Type disc nozzle check valves operate without fluttering. It permits operation in low fluid flow conditions. You can contact one of the trusted suppliers of the best nozzle check valves.


b) N-Type disc nozzle check valves


N-Type disc nozzle check valves are designed with a very low-in-weight ring disc that is mounted to a maintenance-free and frictionless spring radial guide. These valves have multiple spring designs. Usually, various options for multiple spring torques are available for suiting particular applications.


Nowadays, most users are selecting nozzle check valves for their systems as per their applications.


What are the pros of installing nozzle check valves?


There are several benefits of installing nozzle check valves for your system. They are:


  1. Provides non-slam performance


Most nozzle check valves are highly efficient and result in minimal pressure loss. Nozzle check valves are usually maintenance-free. These valves offer short strokes with low moving masses aided by helical springs, nozzle check valves close in just a few seconds slam-free. For top-quality nozzle check valves, you can reach out to one of the reliable and reputed suppliers of nozzle check valves.


  1. Helps in saving much energy


Mostly, the systems operate at very low rates to lessen the loss in pressure and elevate the efficiency of the plant. Nozzle check valves help the operators to increase plant efficiency to a huge extent.


  1. Free of maintenance


The designs of nozzle check valves are in the way that these devices use almost no soft parts. There are no wearing parts, therefore they are considered free of maintenance. The springs of nozzle check valves are accordingly sized to the fluid flow rates for ensuring that the nozzle check valves are in a completely opened position at the time of normal operation. It reduces the springs’ cycling and provides nozzle check valves with long design life but without the need for regular maintenance.


  1. Install them in horizontal or vertical position


The lightweight springs and discs are aided with closure combined to permit Nozzle check valves to simply maintain high performance (be it installed in horizontal or vertical position).


  1. Reduction in water hammer rates


Due to the special design of nozzle check valves’ disc, which is vital to reduce water hammer and that also relies on spring torque.


  1. Axial movement of the disc


Nozzle check valves’ inner shaper creates a streamlined fluid flow with the effects of Venturi. It lessens the pressure drop at a considerable level.




We hope now you have got a clear view of nozzle check valves. These valves are specially designed for the conditions where the fluids are pumped in the low-pressure or intermittent fluid flow.

They are used for fast and silently closing at the time of “no-fluid flow” or low-pressure periods. It is easy to prevent fluid from flowing in the reverse direction with nozzle check valves. Contact a top supplier of nozzle check valves in the UAE.


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