Understanding About Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log

QuickBooks is a widely used application as it provides its users with a rich variety of features along with a smooth interface. QBO Point of Sale is an online feature that allows the user to accept online payment via credit card or net- banking. QuickBooks POS connectivity tool is installed in the application to detect connectivity issues. Sometimes the error initializing QBPOS application log might arise due to issues in the connectivity tool download.

We will look further at this issue in this blog and what you can do to resolve this. However, if you need any help, you can contact our support team for assistance.

Possible Reasons For POS Application Log Errors

These are the possible causes for the POS application log errors in QuickBooks:

  1. Network Connectivity Problem: Connectivity issues can cause inaccessibility to the online application.
  2. Damaged QuickBooks Manager Service: If QuickBooks Manager Service is damaged, you will not be able to access the QuickBooks application.
  3. Inaccessibility to the Point of Sale Feature: In case of POS tool issues, the user might face issues while using the feature.
  4. Anti-Virus Software: Anti-virus software loaded on your computer prevents QuickBooks from accessing the Point of Sale tool.
  5. Incorrect Installation: The user has installed the POS tool incorrectly.

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Fixing POS Error in the QuickBooks Application

Try these approaches to resolve the errors causing inefficiency of the Point of Sale tool in the QuickBooks application.

Method 1: Edit QBPOS Shell File

  • In QuickBooks, go to the Task Manager and select Processes. Choose QBPOS and hit on ‘End Task.’
  • Now, go to Files Explorer in the Windows start menu and click on ‘View.’ Check to mark the ‘Hidden items’ box.
  • Open the QBPOS folder and click on the user.config file and Rename the file. Then re-try using the Point of Sale tool.

Method 2: Make a New Admin

  • Go to the Windows Start button and select Settings. Choose Accounts,then go to Family and other users.
  • Select Add someone to this desktop and click on ‘I don’t have information about this person’s sign-in.’ You will be driven to a new Add user page.
  • Add a new user by entering a unique username and password.
  • You can also change the old local user instead of creating a new one. Go to Settings from the Windows Start button; select account, then change the Account type.
  • In the Account type, select ‘Administrator’ and click on OK. Now try opening the QuickBooks POS tool and check if the error is gone.

Wrapping Up

Error initializing the QBPOS application log can harm the application if you don’t fix it. In this blog, we have tried to club together all the possible causes and troubleshooting methods to resolve the errors related to the Point of Sale in QuickBooks. Despite this, if you need help, Feel free you can dial our toll free number +1 800-579-9430 for support.

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