Unraveling the Process of Mobile Forensics

Mobile phones have become the center of investigations. Many cases get resolved due to mobile forensics due to the amount of personal data saved. The first things an investigator usually asks for are the call records, last call details, pictures on phones, and so on.

Whether it’s a case of vandalism, fire, robbery, or anything else – mobile forensics can reveal significant information. For instance, in the case of a fire, the investigators can look into the victims’ families or find a video explaining how the fire started or who did it.

A mobile forensic expert can help you identify the source of the attack and how to prevent it.

They can conduct a thorough cell phone search using professional and high-end tools to find relevant evidence. They can also recover the data on a phone that is being destroyed. They have the skill in retrieving deleted messages from a phone to assist the legal departments.

Here’s a brief explanation of what happens in mobile forensics.

What Information Does Expert Check During Mobile Forensics?

An expert conducts deep analysis to recover lost data. Here’s what they mostly look for.

  • Call history
  • Contacts list
  • Text messages (MMS+SMS)
  • Gallery (pictures and videos)
  • Internet history, cookies search, etc.
  • Notes, to-do lists, calendar entries, etc.
  • Presentation files, documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Last location
  • Installed apps on the phone
  • Deleted photos and other data

The Process of Mobile Forensics

The digital forensic experts recover the digital evidence in the mobile phone using high-end tools. They preserve the information in a secure environment, so they stay in forensically-sound condition. They also need to follow a set of rules and regulations to meet the criminal investigation criteria.

First, the mobile phone is seized and secured in a safe environment. Before starting the analysis, the phone is put on Airplane mode, and jammers are used to disconnect the device from all networks and disable its connection with GPS, Wi-Fi, and all such networks. The device is kept in a Faraday bag to protect it from bodily harm.

Lastly, the experts check the device for any relevant and important information. They identify and extract the data and then evaluate it to speed up the investigation process.

Getting Access to a Phone’s Contents

Usually, third-party software is used to get access to secure data. Forensic experts use pin blockers, passwords, and biometric patterns to open a locked screen. Even when passcodes are protected, fingerprints are not. Encryption and data protection are two different features. While text messages may be protected by simpler security measures, certain apps on a mobile device may have encrypted data.

Extracting Data

The data in a phone can be broken down and stored separately. As experienced forensic experts, we can perform voice identification and volume level adjustment on the procured data for clarity.

Need Someone for Cell Phone Searching?

When it comes to mobile forensic services, Eclipse Forensics never fail to amaze. They have helped hundreds of agencies in uncovering the truth through mobile forensics. They use high-end tools to find hidden information for the investigation.

Eclipse Forensics is a court-certified digital forensic company with years of experience in the field. We use high-end tools and equipment to find loopholes in the system. We have helped hundreds of clients in solving criminal cases by finding relevant evidence.

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