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Using Email Marketing to Boost Social Media Followers

Filling the Social Media

Marketing is supposed to be a machine with every component working towards the same end.

In most Marketing departments, all the pieces are supposed to form the whole. At the very least, that’s the goal. But the reality is different.

In reality, most processes and functions of the marketing department do not support other types of work. Consider content, for instance, which is the most time-consuming marketing task. Content should be a comprehensive cover that serves multiple goals.

A piece of content must be adaptable and possess multiple functions to be modified for social media emails, blogs, and many more. In this way, the content doesn’t just dictate how other marketing channels are developed. However, it is, in turn, bringing all these pockets together.

In reality, content is often scattered all over the place. A particular thing can be said on one platform, but something entirely different happens on another.

The blog content naturally makes it onto social media platforms, but it’s not the case for all platforms. Content that is successful on Facebook won’t work on Instagram, while what is effective on buy facebook followers uk won’t work on Twitter.

Let’s examine content from the other side. Let’s look at the biggest organic source of content, Social media.

Filling the Social Media Follower Void

If you’re active with your online presence via social networks on all platforms and you’re not taking from the dialogue and engagement on social media — you’re missing some significant opportunities. One of them is getting more subscribers from your list of email marketing subscribers to become new social media users. This is especially important when you have a solid email marketing subscriber list, and an established following on the list -you are working to grow your social media profiles.

One of the most under-utilized ways to make a difference is to incorporate Social media in your email marketing, especially newsletters. If you’ve a popular Instagram or Twitter account, you can take a handful of the top high-traffic content posts and include them in your emails. Suppose you have a lively Facebook post that triggered an engaging conversation with the people who follow it. In that case, you can summarize the bar with a headline inviting them to participate in the discussion on Facebook. The idea is to entice your readers with hyperlinked images of conversations occurring elsewhere so they can be directed onto your social networks.

In reality, you could create an entire email campaign every week that is dedicated to chatter on social media for the whole week. In the case of social media, it is important to ensure that this is a weekly event since the media cycle shifts rapidly. What’s trending or important this week could not be interesting to your followers the following week, even if the social media post contains visually appealing pictures taken from Instagram.

Building Social Media Followers through Email Marketing Campaigns

The idea is not to ignore one pocket when working in a different bag.

It is a good idea to make sure that the whole email campaign is around a call-to-action to use social media. 

The JoAnn Fabric and the Craft Stores illustrate how to focus on your specific market. The upper part of their email, similar to what you post at the top of your website, lists all those social platforms they use. They know their audience is women who want to make things and are creative.

The most effective social media platform is Pinterest. If they had to concentrate on another platform, perhaps it could be Facebook, followed by Instagram. JoAnn chose to focus on Pinterest and pair it with an actual pinboard. The copy isn’t overly long. The call-to-action is just the pins repeated in different graphic design elements in the emails.

The image shown below comes from Bed Bath & Beyond. They have a fun message about “getting into the swing of it,” and they have the value of every platform. It’s not an argument but rather combining strong images that guide actions with a language that encourages the activity.

The email campaign incorporates elements from the design elements of their website. In the two top rows, categories are reminiscent of their website. This is a smart move. It reminds consumers of the brand’s mission and is an in-person signal to purchase. http://articlesspin.com/

Based on that, there are more ways to encourage email subscribers to be visible. Consider including links to social media on your email sign-up form and the confirmation email form. 

Weaving in Your Brand Value

Integrating social media teasers into your email marketing is important to be mindful of your brand’s value. Think of saying, “Here’s what you need, and here’s why you need it.”

That’s how you can drum up the value you offer. Find the primary aspect you can provide on your social networks that will make them pop up? If you think about it, maybe there are many different types of worth. It is possible to get great community engagement from your page on Facebook. Perhaps your Twitter account picks up the most popular topics. Instagram could be where you gather the most interesting images from the platform. You can also share these with your Instagram account. Perhaps Instagram can be the platform to document the culture of your company. https://followerspro.uk/

The reason that comes from your social media accounts are likely to be diverse, and each platform can capture an individual aspect of your brand’s value. It’s an opportunity to transfer that value to your email marketing campaigns.

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