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Vacuuming Tips for Hairdressers and Pet Groomers

A good vacuum cleaner is essential if you work in a salon or out of your home. A vacuum cleaner is as necessary as a pair of scissors. You want your clients to feel comfortable in their space.  Here, we show the vacuuming tips for pet groomers.

Hair Care:

You know the struggle if someone in your family has long hair or if you have pets. Hair can get everywhere. You can’t just throw clothes and blankets into the washer to fix the problem. And you can’t put your furniture and rugs in there either. What should you do?

Vacuums weren’t able to remove hair, especially pet hair, in the old days. It was possible to vacuum hair using various tools, but it would stick to the surface. Vacuums like Shark, Oreck, Miele, Shark, and Miele do a better job of picking up hair.

Shampooing and Styling Cut Hair

You often see hair stylists “cleaning up” their chairs and stations by using the blow dryer to blow the hair around the room. Hair, dust, and other particles settle on furniture, tools, and bottles. They may do this because they want to make a quick sale, but it creates a mess that will take much longer to clean.

You can vacuum hair quickly and easily if your customer is getting a haircut. A cordless vacuum is also possible. They are smaller and have a suction comparable to an electric vacuum.

It’s a good idea for customers to quickly brush off a lot of hair before they vacuum. It’s not an excellent thought to fill your vacuum with hair you can throw away.

The vacuum is ideal for small, invisible hair pieces. It is impossible to sweep every hair into a dustpan. Use your brush attachment to clean the chair and any other furniture before returning to the floor cleaner attachment. This takes only two minutes and does better than a quick brush with a towel.

Customers shouldn’t find someone else’s hair on their clothes. Customers should trust that you are trustworthy and are protecting their hair.

Vacuuming Pet Groomers

pet vacuum

Vacuuming pet hair can be a bit different. Pet hair is different between breeds. Some breeds can fly hair all around the room when you blow dry it.

Some breeds will shed hair due to stress from being groomed. Hair can hang out in the air at a grooming salon like pollen.

You should use the same process for pet hair as human hair. Use a broom to remove large clumps, and then vacuum up using your vacuum.

Most businesses that serve pets accept that there will be some intermingling of pet hair. However, it is possible to keep this to an absolute minimum by vacuuming as much as possible.

Vacuums that Maintain Suction

You aren’t just vacuuming at the salon or pet grooming facility daily. This means that your vacuum is used a lot. Vacuums have retained their sucking power for over 30 years, but this is only recently.

Vacuums used to be made so that dust particles could escape from the bag and dirt cup, and get stuck in the motor. This caused damage to the motor and, eventually, its destruction.

Our most popular vacuum cleaners Roomba i6+ and i4+ review still have their suction power for years. This means that anyone who vacuums a lot is not concerned about the vacuum’s durability.

Hair Can Clog a Vacuum.


Hair can cause clogs, no matter what brand of vacuum you use. It is unclear if long hair is more likely to fall out or is more visible because it is longer. However, one thing is sure — it should be vacuumed.

The problem with long hair is its tendency to wrap around the vacuum brush. Although it’s unlikely that it would stop the beater bars from spinning, eventually, it will look just like your hairbrush. This hinders the vacuum’s ability and prevents the brush’s bristles from sweeping debris into the suction zone.

Vacuum your long hair regularly if you have to. You can usually remove the hair with scissors or needle-nosed pliers. However, take your machine to our vacuum repair shop if your vacuum is having problems and your beater bar isn’t spinning correctly. Your vacuum will be cleaned thoroughly and repaired.

Vacuum hoses can be clogged by large volumes of hair, such as those from pet households and grooming facilities. It doesn’t matter what vacuum you have; fine pet hair can clog the motor of a vacuum.

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