Video On Demand Platforms for the Fitness Industry

In today’s world, video on-demand has become more popular than ever. We all use it on a daily basis – switch on the television and watch an episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix or Hulu. Or maybe you missed a baseball game and watched the recap from your on-demand library. 

No matter what you use on-demand content for, the key message is the same: Video on-demand is here and is here to stay. Since the recent pandemic, people have adapted to working out online from the comfort of their homes. So, it only makes sense that fitness instructors fulfill this need and continue to do so even post-pandemic.

But if you’re an instructor looking to start training people online – which video on-demand platform do you go for? We’ve drafted a list of the top three platforms we feel are the best for video on-demand (specifically for the fitness industry). 

Top Three Video On-Demand Platforms for Fitness Instructors 

1. Muvi

This video on demand platform is geared toward trainers and gym owners. The platform supports live streaming as well as on-demand video. The platform focuses on providing instructors with a space where they are able to upload and sell their content online. Trainers can also customize fitness recommendations and schedule classes via the app. 

Some of the most profound features of Muvi are: 

  • Live streaming fitness lessons 
  • On-demand library for trainees
  • Connect to TV or mobile capability 
  • Class scheduling 
  • Multilingual support 

2. Mastera

This is a video experience platform that specializes in the fitness industry. The company’s team has vast experience with personal trainers, instructors, and gym owners over the years and has created this platform based on their needs. 

The platform is an affordable one with an easy-to-use dashboard. Like Muvi, your website can be branded with your own logo and colors, and you’ll have access to all your customer, content, and revenue information at all times. Take your revenue stream to the next level by selling merchandise via the platform.

Here are a few of Mastera’s list of features: 

  • Live streaming (via integration with Zoom for seamless streaming) 
  • Connect with customers via messaging 
  • Scheduling class bookings 
  • Unlimited customers 
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • White label video on-demand platform
  • Mobile app 
  • On-demand library for viewers
  • Selling of merchandise (digital and physical) 
  • Reporting
  • Multiple revenue streams

3. Uscreen

This on-demand platform for fitness owners is well-known and provides fitness trainers a space where they can efficiently train online. Instructors can live stream or provide on-demand videos to viewers, similar to Muvi and Mastera. Uscreen allows you to have a branded fitness app where you can stream your fitness sessions to customers.

Uscreen offers features such as:  

  • On-demand video playback
  • Live streaming 
  • Class scheduling
  • TV or mobile app viewing 
  • White label platform
  • Multiple revenue streams 


On-demand video allows fitness instructors to train their audience anywhere they like, at any time convenient for them. It can also be a highly profitable business for fitness gurus. These three video on-demand platforms are excellent in their ways – you just need to choose which suits you best. If you spend some time creating high-quality content and serving it to the people engaged with your fitness topic, your business will run successfully. 

Shubham Sethi

Co-Founder, Gleantap & Mastera

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