VR Games You Can Play To Challenge Reality

There was a time people were too much into physical sports and games. Then, they were replaced with board games, computer games, and now finally with VR games. Human beings have always been quite fascinated with virtual reality and lived the experience only in their imaginations. Virtual reality games have made it possible for them to challenge their reality.

Not all virtual reality games challenge reality but help people live the pleasant experiences they have always wanted to explore. If you are more into the thriller and survival genre, you must explore games beforehand to avoid wasting your time deciding. Keep scrolling down this article to learn more about virtual reality games you can play to challenge reality and enjoy an adrenaline rush.

Top 7 VR Games That Challenge Reality

VR games have become more popular among children and adults alike than traditional games. However, everybody has a different taste in terms of genre. Virtual reality games which challenge reality are more preferred by the young generation. Knowing a few can help you decide which one you should play first.

Some of the most popular VR games that challenge reality include the following:

1. Burj Drop

Burj drop is the most popular virtual reality game which challenges the sense of reality and often leaves people shivering and shacking. The game follows the survival challenge of the window cleaners of the tallest building in the world when the cables holding them keep breaking. Many youngsters get VR park Dubai tickets and offer to take on the survival challenge and live the virtual reality.

2. The Raft

The raft is another popular virtual reality game that you can play to challenge your reality. The game is based on the theme of a raft being attacked by otherworldly creatures. It is a multiplayer game in which you must become the support and shield of your teammates to fight all the odds. The game is a real treat for those who like action, thrillers, and horror, as you will be able to live through it all during the short span of the virtual game.

3. Dune Bash

Dune bash is another exciting virtual reality game you can play to explore and enjoy the challenges to your sense of reality. As the name suggests, the theme of the game is surviving a ride through the desert. So, you will be able to explore and enjoy an exciting ride in the desert; however, it is not as simple. You will be fighting camels, scorpions, spiders, and snakes, which will be attacking you from everywhere. The nerve-wracking experience can leave you in shivers.

4. VR Heist

The crime thrillers focused on scams and frauds must have inspired you to try the tricks at least once; however, it can earn you legal penalties. The alternative to this is the virtual reality game VR heist you can play to enjoy an adrenaline rush. You can plan and execute the heist in the virtual world and go through the survival challenge. It will surely help you live your dream of being the central character of a crime thriller in the virtual world and avoid it in real life.

5. Walking Dead Outbreak

Walking dead outbreak is one of the most nerve-wracking and thrilling VR games you can play to experience an intense sense of real challenge. You will be fighting the outbreak of the walking dead, which will be too real and terrifying. Succumbing to your fears will make you one of them, so you must put on a brave face and fight the odds for your survival.

6. Hologate

Hologate is one of the most intense and thrilling VR games you can play to enjoy a challenge to reality. You will be facing all sorts of challenges in the game, which include fighting with robots, aliens, and zombies altogether in another world. The advantage is that you can have your friends fight along with you. You can also use a submarine to escape the never-ending fight; however, you must get all your team members on it.

7. Dubai Drone

Dubai drone is the last and most interesting virtual reality game which will challenge your sense of reality. The game is ideal for people who like racing. The game is based on the concept of driving a drone taxi in high air traffic. You do not only have to drive the taxi in the air but fight the race of survival as it has gone out of control. You must survive and ensure fewer accidents to win the game. If you are too tempted to play it, get VR park tickets online and head to the facility to live the virtual experience and enjoy your time.

Excited to explore the virtual world?

You might get bored waiting in long queues to get your tickets. So, book tickets online to start playing the games as soon as you reach the venue and utilize your time fully.

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