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Ways to Update your Kitchen Pantry

Update your Pantry

While pantries are usually used for storage, they are also an important part of your kitchen decor. If you leave your kitchen pantry bare and boring, visitors will ask questions and create concerns about how you take care of your home and family.

You should consider your pantry space like any other room in your home. Does it reflect the design aesthetic of your home and help you stay or organized If not, it might be time to reorganize and refresh.

If you develop a plan for your pantry, you can use it to ensure everything is organized and accounted for. Whether you are storing canned goods, jars of spices or boxed cereals, a good plan will take the stress out of keeping track of your inventory.

If you’re currently looking for storage ideas for your kitchen or simply want to revamp your pantry to bring it into the modern age.

Kitchen Pantry Renovation ideas

  • Open shelving

Open shelving means easier food access, more pantry room, and easier ingredients presentation. As a result, the appeal of your design is simple to see. Open shelving is, therefore, a great idea in pantries. You can get creative and make them visually exciting while also being very useful. Naturally, the best way to do that is to look at your own space and apply the open shelving concept in a way that makes sense for your needs.

  • Hang light accessories and supplies

The small spaces in and around our kitchens are often overlooked and unused. With these hanging storage solutions, you can make the most of the hidden nooks in your kitchen and save money simultaneously.

  • Utilise shelf depth intentionally

Consider employing pull-out alternatives in pantry cabinets so that you can easily access the entire depth of a shelf or drawer. Due to this setting, the items at the back are not forgotten anytime.

  • Proper lighting

Having adequate amounts of the proper kind of illumination in the area is necessary for seeing the contents of your pantry. Installing an overhead light with a pleasant temperature can help you see the contents on the shelves.

  • Top shelf organisation

he amount of space in a kitchen is often limited, so take advantage of vertical storage opportunities. Stuff tall items into your cupboards and cabinets, such as rolls of paper towels and tall containers.

  • Consistent order

Using easy-to-access baskets, bins, and containers is the best way to ensure your pantry stays clean and organised regularly. This keeps ingredients that belong together in one place, which saves the time of having to scratch your head trying to remember where exactly you put something.

  • Create zones

In general, it’s best to stick items together – you’ll know where everything is, and it’s easier to find out-of-place items. In contrast, everything is still fresh in your mind. For example, maybe keep spices together in a cupboard or all the ingredients associated with a given meal in the same drawer.


If you keep your pantry organised, it will give your space a clean, airy feel. You’ll be able to find the items that you need without having to rummage through them all. So, suppose you’re looking for some new storage ideas for your kitchen . In that case, you should consider investing in an attractive Kitchen Pantry space and an organising system.

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