Website Design Statistics You Should Know in 2022

Online space is extremely crowded these days. Understanding the latest technologies and web design trends is essential to stand out from your competitors. Moreover, recognizing consumer behaviours and expectations is necessary. Your website is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Almost everything goes back to your site for instance; SEO, PPC, social media, advertising, email marketing etc. 

Experts from a web design company in Australia can help you create a finer website this year. This will ensure to turn your underperforming website into a very credible one. Businesses understand the importance of digital presence. Upgrading your online store is essential to cater needs of the users. Surely you will lose customers if you have a website with a poor design.

Everything on your website should be quick to load. People need to be able to swiftly obtain and process information. You need to create opportunities where they can do that, so you provide website visitors with a better user experience.

Web Design Statistics

Visitors form their opinion regarding your business based on the web design. Web design evolves at a rapid pace from year to year. When we search too far back, we come across trends, techniques, and technologies that are no longer relevant to us. Thus there are a few reasons your audience doesn’t return to your website. We have listed a few website design statistics for you to follow. Let’s get started.

Lasting First Impression

The first impression is critical and must leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors. Web design companies must keep in mind to offer an excellent first impression. Your website must need certain elements to capture the visitor’s attention. This includes minimal design representing your brand visually. This enables the visitors to remember the brand and visit the site again. Almost 75% of the brand credibility depends on web design. 

Best Practice

In case you want to leave a positive impact on your users, the website must have eye-catching elements. We suggest hiring a professional web design company to build the site. They will create a site that will reflect the brand vision, will be visually appealing and will leave a productive impression. 

WordPress Statistics

WordPress is the most popular and leading CMS for building and managing websites in 2022. Almost 44% of websites are built on WordPress. Over 500 websites are built every day on the free WordPress.org version. 

Best Practice

We recommend to hire logo Istic company to build your brand. 36% of the top 1 million websites are built on WordPress. The world’s leading companies choose WordPress. Moreover, WordPress comes with tens of thousands of plugins. Out of which WooCommerce is used by 20.4% of the users. Hence, making it the commonly used plugin. The reason WordPress is preferred by developers is because of its immense versatility. WordPress has played a significant role in the E-commerce world.

Mobile Statistics

Nearly 75% of users prefer mobile-friendly websites, according to Google, 2012. The website needs mobile optimization. To sum up, consumers directly relate your website’s quality to your service or product quality. Thus your success depends on your site. Its design and functionality must be set up according to the latest trends and best practices. Thus fulfiling the customer expectations. According to Google 2022 stats for website design, about 96% of consumers experience sites not optimized for mobile browsing. Also according to the same study, 48% of the users get annoyed after experiencing a mobile-unfriendly website. Moreover, 36% feel like they have wasted their time while spending time on this website.

Best Practice

Mobile website design strategy best practices involve using readable texts. Moreover, prioritize mobile layout. This includes keeping the “thumb zone” in mind. Placing the most interactive content in this zone benefits a lot.

Website Speed

According to Google 2017 stats, a 32% bounce rate increases if the page load time increases from 1 to 3 seconds. Site speed optimization is very critical to reducing the bounce rate. Businesses must keep a check on their page load time. 47% of customers expect the page load time to be 2 seconds only. Otherwise, they bounce off the page and click on the next search result. Indeed the attention span in today’s digital era is very short. 

Best Practice

In order to improve website load time consider monitoring the speed. This will allow you to detect the issues beforehand and enable you to solve them on time before any major issue happens. Try compressing the image to improve the site speed. According to Yotta statistics for website design 2022, reducing image size from 22MB to 300KB reduces the load time by 70%. Moreover, reducing plugins also impact site performance.

Personalized Experience

According to the Segment survey in 2017, if you are offering a personalized shopping experience, nearly 49% of online users spontaneously buy the recommendation. Personalized shopping experience takes business to next level. Nearly 71% of people feel disappointed due to impersonal shopping experiences. Moreover, Accenture 2022 web design statistics states that 91% of shoppers shop from brands providing relevant offers and recommendation. Further, 73% of buyers stop purchasing from your business according to some relevant statistics. 

Best Practice

Businesses should incorporate personalized features into their website. This includes a short Q/A or quiz to help narrow down the options for your visitors. Moreover, you can offer a live chat option. This leads to a higher chance of purchase.

In conclusion, maintain the optimal performance of the site in the search engine. This will enable you to secure your position in search engine ranking. These technical practices are difficult for business owners to perform as they have no web development background. Thus hire a web design company. Website design trends keep changing every now and then. You must work hard to stay relevant. The web is changing at a breakneck pace. So are the customers we’re attempting to reach. You’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on in the digital world and how to create websites that will succeed if you arm yourself with the most up-to-date web design statistics.

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