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Wellness Webinars: How To Conduct It For Your Employee

Definition of the webinar.

As we’ve already established, firms, trainers, and entrepreneurs across all industries frequently use webinars as a form of video conference. A concept is taught, practised, or demonstrated during wellness webinars.

Although pre-recorded webinars do exist, the majority of them are live and interactive events with built-in time for Q&A, discussion, polling, and other features.

In cases where it is not practical or convenient to meet in person, people use webinars to reach a bigger audience in dispersed regions. Webinars are a common tool used by businesses and entrepreneurs to interact with potential clients.

How do webinars function?

A webinar will often consist of one host or a panel of panellists presenting live for 30 to 60 minutes, similar to an in-person workshop or seminar.

How do webinars function

Participants view a live webinar on their computers. However, some webinar hosts also permit them to use their microphones to talk during the Q&A section. They can frequently communicate via chat and messaging.

A webinar typically includes 100 participants (out of the 260 that sign up, 40–50% actually show up). Having said that, webinars with 500 or more viewers present are not unheard of.

Webinars are often free but can can be paid for. Free webinars are usually valuable for generating leads, though they can also be used for onboarding or training.

When ought to I hold a webinar for my company?

Many businesses utilise webinars to establish real-time connections with potential clients, showcase their skills, establish their brand as an authority, or advertise a new product. Webinars can also be used to upsell, provide additional value, or train or onboard existing customers.

When ought to I hold a webinar for my company

In general, B2B or SaaS businesses, bloggers, and small business owners who wish to share their expertise benefit most from webinars.

Other marketing strategies typically perform better for e-commerce businesses, but B2C businesses that sell more expensive goods or services might also find the webinar format useful.

6 pointers for running successful webinars

Even if there isn’t much interest in attending, a well-publicized webinar can generate hundreds or even thousands of leads. For bloggers and thought leaders who have a niche audience willing to learn from them, paid webinars can also be a source of income. Here are some general pointers to keep in mind for a good webinar, regardless of who your audience is:

1. Make wise plans

A B2B audience is quite unlikely to attend a webinar on the weekend, but Wednesdays and Thursdays typically work well. Take this into consideration. Aim to strike a midway ground if your audience is spread over several time zones.

In the US, local time at 11am and 2pm usually works well. Though many of your viewers would probably choose to watch a replay versus attending live, don’t get too caught up on scheduling!

2. Be organised

It’s crucial to be well-prepared for a webinar so that you don’t stumble over your words or forget to mention critical details, but you also don’t want to blandly read from a script.

Instead, create a thorough overview of the material you intend to discuss, leaving enough of time for questions and audience participation. Additionally, you should always perform at least one dry run, preferably in the software you want to use.

If this is your first time using your webinar software, be sure to spend some time getting acquainted with all the features so there are no surprises on the big day.

3. Be aware of your goals.

Do you intend to expand your email contact list? provide your sales department with qualified leads? bring on new clients? Promote your goods?

generate income from registration fees? Be clear from the beginning about what you want to accomplish and you’ll save a lot of time with regard to the session’s structure, the topics you cover, and your promotion plan.

4. Give questions plenty of time

81% of marketers utilise Q&A to keep webinar viewers interested. Make sure you leave time at the end and/or pause for questions. Include real-time polls, chat, and surveys in your session to encourage audience participation.

5. Astound the viewers

Everyone enjoys a surprise! A fantastic technique to increase attention and registrations is to tease a surprise in your advertisements. Consider sending a special surprise invitation, delivering a worksheet or eBook that guests may only download, or giving them a short-term discount.

6. Focus on one main point.

Make sure to make clear exactly what you want viewers to take away. That could entail distributing a handout or worksheet, outlining the next steps, or concluding with a particular call to action, depending on your objectives.


Is a wellness webinar right for you and your business? If you want to promote health and vitality within your company or organization, the answer is probably yes! But beware, not all wellness webinars are created equal. Follow our tips for making sure your wellness webinar is engaging, informative, and successful. And if you need help planning or conducting your own wellness webinar, contact Engagelife today. They’re always happy to chat about how they can help make your event a success!

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