What all you need to know all about gate valves?

Gate valves are one of the common valves used for several applications including the oil & gas industry. These valves represent linear motion isolation work and functions to allow or stop the fluid flow. Remain with us to delve into the world of gate valve in a detailed manner.

What are gate valves?

Gate valve are linear-motion manual valves which have circular or vertical rectangular discs which can slide across the valves to stop the fluid flow by acting as the gate. It is mainly used for isolation purposes but not for throttling purposes as the high-fluid flow velocity can cause the disc to hasten disc or seating surface erosion.

Gate valve are often used in hydraulic systems, such as dams, reservoirs, and irrigation systems. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type of valve you’re using. Most common gate valves are cylindrical or conical. These valves have a round hole at one end and a cone-shaped orifice at the other end. The round hole allows water to enter into the valve from the bottom while the cone-shaped orifice allows water to leave from the top. These valves can be made from metal, plastic, or silicone material. They can also be programmable and have an adjustable flow rate. Gate valves are often connected to other parts of a hydraulic system by threaded connections, meaning they can be easily disconnected for maintenance purposes.

It can be either manual or electronic. Manual gate valves require the use of hands to open and close them, while electronic gate valves use algorithms to control traffic flow. Manual gate valve devices are typically more expensive to operate than electronic gate valve devices. Electronic gate valve devices are typically more reliable and easier to maintain, but they can also be more expensive to maintain.

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What are the main applications of gate valves?

Gate valves are devices used to control the flow of fluid through a pipeline. It is used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, water supply, mining, agricultural, and industrial applications. Gate valves can be classified according to their function. It’s applications vary depending on the needs of the industry it is used in.

Gate valves have many applications, some of which are listed below:

  •       Open and close lanes: These are known as manual valves. Manual valves are operated by hand. 
  •       Keep water from entering or leaving: These are called automatic valves. Automatic valves are controlled by computer algorithms, and they are opened and closed according to pre-programmed schedules.
  •       Open Gate Valves: 
  1. Closed gate valve (also called “fixed valves”) keep the flow of air and water consistent.
  2. In oil and gas applications, open gate valve are used to reduce emissions from production sites.
  3. In water supply applications, open gate valve are used to provide safe drinking water.
  4. In mining applications, open-cell foam gates are typically used for production lines.
  •       Closed Gate Valves:
  1. Open gate valve (also called “variable valves”) allow different amounts of air and water to enter and exit the pipeline at different times.
  2. In oil and gas applications, these valves are used to regulate the flow of gas under pressure.
  3. In water supply applications, closed gate valve are used to prevent contaminants from reaching consumers
  4. In mining applications use closed-cell foam gates as part of an inspection process.

Gate valves can be classified by their design: open-circuit (OC), closed-circuit (CC), and pressure-actuated (PC).


a) Gate Valve types according to the type of Closing Element:


  1. Parallel disk Gate Valves

 Parallel disk gate valve contain two discs which are coerced apart against the parallel seats through a spring located just at the point of the closure. The main application of parallel gate valve is limited to only low-pressures along with low-pressure drops.

  1. Solid-Wedge Gate Valves

 The solid wedge gate valve are the most widely used valves for most applications. These valves are of the lowest cost, especially in the process industries for oil, gas and air services. You can install solid-Wedge Gate Valve in any position, apt for almost every type of fluid as well as these valves are practical for turbulent fluid flow services.

  1. Flexible Wedge Gate Valve 

Flexible wedge gate valve employ flexible wedges which are one-piece disks. Flexible wedge gate valve are used widely in steam systems to avoid thermal blinding.

  1. Split wedge gate valves

These types of gate valve are constructed in two separate halves and it permits the wedge angle in between the outer faces to easily fit the seat.


b) Gate Valve according to the Type of Stem:

  1. Rising Stem Gate Valve – Rising-stem valves have designs which are operated by pulling the valve stem. These stems do not rotate and therefore the stems are threaded as well as matched to the stem nut which transforms the rotational output motion.
  2. Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve – Non-Rising Stem refers to the outside stem, and is also referred to as the rotary stem gate valve. In this type of valve, the stem turns to open/ close the gate. The stem never moves up and down.


What are the advantages of using gate valves?


There are a number of advantages to using gate valves in water, air, oil and gas systems. Gate valve offer many advantages over other types of valve technology. They include:


  • Gate valve can be used in closed systems to regulate the flow of fluid objects.
  • You can use gate valve as part of industrial water systems to provide clean water to plants and people.
  • They can be used in a variety of industries, including the transportation and agricultural sectors, and oil and gas industries.
  • Gate valve are known to help conserve energy by shutting off parts of the engine and cooling system when not in use
  • Can help prevent water leakage
  • Can help prevent air infiltration
  • Can improve the performance of systems
  • Help optimize the flow of fluid through the system.
  • Can help to reduce noise and vibration in the system.
  • Can save time and money when it comes to installation and maintenance.
  • Can improve plant productivity
  • Gate valve need very less space for their installation.

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Gate valves are important devices in the engineering field. They are used to regulate the flow of fluid through a system and can be used in various applications such as industrial, water, and gas systems. In addition to their applications, gate valve have several advantages over other types of valve devices. For example, they are less likely to malfunction, are easier to operate and maintain, and are less expensive to produce than other types of valve devices. By reading this guide and following the tips provided, you will be able to learn more about gate valve and use them successfully in your business.


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