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What Are Leads And How Can I Get Them?

The Best Lead Generation Tools

What Is A B2b Or B2c Lead?

A lead is the contact information of a person or a company potentially interested in your product or service. Every lead consists of information that you need to contact customers. For example, a basic lead would be the name of the person or company, contact details, and company name/location/job title.

Why Do You Need to Use Lead Generation Tools For B2B & B2C Leads?

The whole process of buying and selling has really changed over the years. In the past, marketing is used only for advertising, finding customers, and representing the company. But today’s marketing is used to aware your customers aware of your products and services and to grow your sales. That’s where the best lead generation tools come into play. For many companies, the right lead generation tools are the key to growing their businesses to new heights. If you have the best lead generation software in your success, you can build a strong relationship with current and existing customers.

  1. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

Cute Web Mobile Number Extractor is the best lead generation tool that makes it easy to build a cell phone lead list of customers and businesses for any industry and location. You just need the name of the person or business to find the phone number. You can also find a phone number by zip code, mobile company code, and website URL.

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you run on Google or any other search engines, the Phone Number Scraper has the ability to find and extract phone numbers from that website. Cute Web Contact Extractor comes with the right solution for building mobile marketing campaigns to collect quality cell phone leads for your unique needs. Marketers and freelancers love to use it due to its user-friendly interface, cheap rates, accuracy, and speed. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor pricing starts at $60 for one year.

  1. Top Lead Extractor

Top Lead Extractor is a desktop application. It lets you find the email address, phone numbers, and social media links of customers and businesses from websites and search engines. All you have to do is add a name and company to the Web Data Extractor search bar. The leads finder tool will then find their business email addresses, social media links, and other contact details.

Web Contact Extractor will add these leads to your email marketing lists, so you can start working on those leads right away. You can search for emails and phone numbers in bulk with a CSV or Excel file. It means you can upload a list of URLs to find contact information from these URLs. Top Lead Extractor offers a free trial to understand the working of the software and to check its performance of the software. You can get unlimited b2b and b2c leads for one year for just $79.99.

Final Words

Generating b2b and b2c leads can be a lot of work, but it pays off. There are many solutions on how to get targeted leads; all you have to do is try to find lead gen channels that are best for you and your business.

We recommend you start with lead generation tools as you can find and build a list of leads for marketing campaigns at no or low cost.

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