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What are secretarial services, and how are the Travancore Foundation assisting senior residents with such Services?


People are fit and active while they are young. They are constantly willing to learn new things and be actively involved in all of their family’s or personal requirements’ legal or administrative responsibilities. However, the scenario does not remain the same as he ages. People become intellectually slowed down as they age.

At an older age, learning new legal standards or simply going through some paperwork becomes tedious. Any official work appears to be a burden, not only legal and administrative. At this time, all they want is adequate aid and a trustworthy helping hand. Travancore Foundation, one of the greatest old age homes in Kottayam, has devised the best secretarial services to assist elderly men in dealing with all of these issues. Let’s see what they serve the residents with.

Why do senior citizens and aged people need help with these services?

As stated previously, the rate of efficiency with which individuals can work starts decreasing in old age. As a result, it is quite likely that the seniors may make mistakes in some important official tasks and cause difficulty for themselves. So, in such a situation, it is critical that you support them completely.

Moreover, some of them also suffer significant disorders like dementia or Parkinson’s, and they tend to forget essential details, sometimes even the address. Filling out any paperwork is thus merely an impossible job for them. These secretarial services serve as a solution for them. They give one-on-one assistance by monitoring all emails or financial activity, preparing correspondence on their behalf, planning and organising their legal work, and travelling.

The Travancore Foundation’s secretarial services specialists handle all legalities and regulatory difficulties that the senior descendants must deal with. They provide customers with the certainty that every concern will be meticulously record and organised, allowing them to relax. One of the various duties of secretarial services in retirement homes in Kochi is to act as a financial counsellor (specifically, which policies to invest in) and to supervise the financial status for the future. Similarly, Travancore Foundation secretaries advise on how to invest money and save it wisely so that people may enjoy all the comforts while keeping their expenditures to a minimum.

With secretarial services in place, seniors may be certain of timely completion of legal documents since any delay can result in serious consequences such as increased fees, penalties, and prosecution. The secretaries and caretakers relieve the people of such worries and handle all compliance and legal issues.

How are the professionals at the Travancore Foundation helping its senior residents with precise secretarial services?

The secretarial services include some of the greatest professionals with experience in the senior care industry. In such a scenario, they know how important tax filings and legal or financial work are for the residents; therefore, they conduct all these works with individualised attention and care. Let’s see if their key functions and responsibilities have been provided as a service at the Travancore Foundation in Kerala.

  1. Monitoring senior residents’ email and text messages and replying when needed
  2. Preparing messages on behalf of citizens in the case of a legal occurrence
  3. Answering phone calls for official purposes
  4. Travel and itinerary planning
  5. deciding which fundraising events the seniors should attend and organising them
  6. Take notes on the nutritional components the senior is consuming during the day and what remains to be ingest.
  7. Managing diaries on which premium should be paid on which date, which policy is maturing on which date. And organising meetings and appointments in accordance with the bank managers
  8. Reminding the residents of the retirement homes regarding the important tasks and deadlines—sometimes even helping out in remembering some of the important personal events in the lives of the residents.
  9. Typing, collating and producing reports on government tax filings


Secretarial services may be really beneficial since they make life much easier for seniors. However, the person recruited is responsible for ensuring that all of these obligations are carried out in a trustworthy and transparent manner. Certainly, Travancore Foundation understands all of these and tailors its services appropriately. So, if you are looking for any of these facilities, Travancore Foundation will never let you down.

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