What are the advantages of using solenoid valve?

Advantages of using solenoid valve

Are you into landscaping? Then you will not be required to spend much time thinking about valves because solenoid valves are there to make landscaping fine and efficient.

The aim of using solenoid valves is to hold the flow and pressure of water in the line and allow water to pass through when it is directed to perform so.

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Why don’t you read this blog to explore solenoid valves & their advantages,

Solenoid valves - electrically controlled valves best for flow regulation
Solenoid valves – electrically controlled valves best for flow regulation

What are solenoid valve?

Solenoid valves are a type of valve that are specialized electro-mechanical controls that help in the regulation of fluid flow. Solenoid valves are considered to be one of the fundamental & vital automation components belonging to the family of actuators.

It is not limited to pneumatic & hydraulic usage only. Solenoid valves are also called electromagnetic valves or electro-valves. In an irrigation system, solenoid valves are devices, once when signaled through controllers, allow water to flow to sprinklers and shuts off when adequate watering gets done.

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What are the advantages of using solenoid valves?

The usage of solenoid valves has witnessed a sharp rise in recent years. Below are a few of the advantages of installing solenoid valves:

1. Light in weight and saves energy

Solenoid valve usually have a shorter response time (several milliseconds only). The pilot solenoid valves have the capacity to reach a response time of tens of milliseconds. These types of valves are light in weight and small making them easy and hassle-free to install & maintain.

2. Controls internal & external leakage

Both external and internal leakage can severely threaten your fluids’ safety. Self-regulating valves having stem valves are the potential for damage but the solenoid valves contain a rotating core that can be controlled through hydraulic or pneumatic actuators and solve the issue of external leakage issue. Solenoid valves also block external leakage. The structure of solenoid valves makes them easy to control and lessens internal leakage. These types of valves are safe and apt for mediums that are toxic or corrosive. Contact one of the best suppliers of potable water solenoid valves in the Middle East and GCC region.

3. Simple operation

The simple structure of solenoid valves is very easy to install as well as maintain while being compared to other types of actuators like sanitary regulating valves. The best benefits which solenoid valves provide are: cost-effective and simple. In a modern and technology-laden world where automation is everywhere, the advantages of solenoid valves are quite apparent. Dutco Tennant LLC is also popular to supply TSE Butterfly Valves.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog all about solenoid valves. Solenoid valves can be used not only for private and industrial landscaping but also for drip irrigation and other applications. Good quality solenoid valves have a sturdy construction and are well-equipped with manual fluid flow control. This type of valve has less opening & closing response time – 0.5 seconds. Do not wait and reach out to a leading supplier.

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