What are the Different AWS Certifications Available in the Market?


As the most popular cloud provider in the business, AWS has established a standard for its certifications. However, AWS shines out for its discipline and detailed ways of testing Cloud Computing abilities with its role-based credentials and examinations. Thus, AWS Certificates are into four levels; foundational certifications, associate certifications, professional certifications, and specialty certifications. Therefore, to learn more about such credentials, prerequisites, and costs, you must go through this article till the end. Alternatively, you can enroll in aws online course, which will train you for the global certification and prepare you to enter this industry.

AWS Certification: Meaning

Amazon Web Services provides more services and functionality when compared to other service providers. Amazon Cloud provides over 200+ fully-featured services, over 40 of which are not accessible from different cloud service providers. However, the main benefit of AWS certification is that it allows you to obtain more recognition for your technical skills and helps you establish a brand image for your expertise. Also, this certification preparation gives you an excellent opportunity to broaden your exposure to AWS service demands.

Moreover, AWS Certification converts your technical expertise into an industry-recognized certificate.

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Different AWS Certifications

You can segregate Amazon Web Services Certifications into three categories; Foundational, Associate, and Professional.


AWS offers the foundational certification as their entry-level credentials. These AWS certifications lists are for newcomers or managers who are not focused on technical jobs but want to understand cloud ideas. Under the foundation certification, an interested candidate can go for an AWS-certified cloud practitioner.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the first step for AWS professionals. It validates your knowledge about the AWS cloud and cloud computing in general. However, This certification examines the following skills:

  1. AWS and its worldwide infrastructure
  2. Basic understanding of AWS architectural concepts
  3. Amazon Web Services’ cloud value proposition
  4. AWS services and their applications
  5. Model of AWS security and compliance
  6. AWS deployment and management

Associate Level

If you aspire to work in a real-world AWS environment and are looking for a career as an AWS developer or Solutions Architect, associate-level certification is for you. However, three distinct credentials are available at this level, depending on the employment profile.

Solution Architect Associate Certification

AWS Solutions Architects understand how to develop and deploy secure, scalable, resilient, and cost-effective AWS applications. This is the most essential and useful accreditation in the industry right now. So, if you are new to the cloud, you can take this certification after you have passed your cloud practitioner certification. This certification requires no prerequisites. However, this test covers how to create solutions based on AWS architectural principles.

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Developer Associate Certification

Those who do not wish to pursue the profession of solutions architect might look for AWS Developer or AWS SysOps Administrator certification. This certification focuses on the programming languages and development tools within AWS services.

SysOps Administrator Associate Certification

If you want to work as an administrator or a DevOps engineer, this certification is for you. However, it is the toughest test among the three certification tests. The reason for the difficulty is a demanding course in networking and infrastructure. However, most experts recommend taking the SysOps Administrator exam along with the Solutions Architect Associate certification to become an expert in AWS services.

Professional Level

Professional-level certificates are advanced certifications that assess a candidate’s in-depth knowledge of AWS services. It is only appropriate for your career if you have more than six years of experience. At the professional level, there are two types of certifications.

Solutions Architect Professional

If you have passed the Solutions Architect Associate exam, you should pursue this higher-level certification to become a Solutions Architect. This exam would put your knowledge of all AWS services to the test in a comprehensive and complete manner. However, it would be difficult for anyone to pass this certification without hands-on experience or learning.

DevOps Engineer Professional

If you are a network architect or system administrator with several duties, this certification is for you. If you are a network architect or administrator, this certification will ensure that you are aware of the potential difficulties you may encounter in real-world circumstances.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the different AWS certifications available in the market. This signifies that the Amazon Web Services Certification trend is here to stay! However, AWS provides a dynamic cloud platform that is constantly adding new services, features, and certifications. So, in order to authenticate your AWS cloud expertise, you must select the appropriate AWS certification. Thus, you can choose the AWS Training in Noida to clear such certification tests with high grades.

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