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What are the main digital marketing tools for doctors?

Understanding marketing for a clinic or hospital is not an impossible task. However, it would help if you had the right healthcare digital marketing tools to collect data, design campaigns, and manage processes. How about understanding them better? We brought a complete guide with seven tools that help those who work in the area. Could you keep reading to know them all?

Why digital marketing tools can make your life easier

Working with a medical marketing agency is a complex task. In addition to needing to create content, many health professionals still work with office and clinic management, making the process even more difficult. Staying organized and finding the best strategies is only possible with the right digital tools.
They help organize the routine, have bold ideas, and even find the best audience for medical and dental marketing. This is even more important for those working with a healthcare marketing agency, as some tools help keep communication organized, fast, and efficient.

Without knowing the right digital tools, it’s hard to get results. The chances of getting lost in the management routine and your disclosure are great. After all, maintaining a website and social media that reflect the values ​​of your clinic or hospital is not always simple.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of industry experts’ primary digital marketing tools. Check out!

Discover the most popular digital marketing tools

Those who know the right tools are one step closer to conquering new patients through the internet. We separate some options in content curation, advertising, task organization, and SEO. They’re simple to use and intuitive, as you’ll see each one as you try.

Facebook Creator Studio Tired of logging into Facebook and Instagram to post and check metrics? Since 2020, Face has created a tool to simplify the routine of content creators and, of course, improve their marketing for hospitals and clinics.

Instead of going into multiple apps or browser tabs, you can now access all the tools in Facebook Creator Studio. In addition, it has posting tools, including Instagram feed scheduling, which is unavailable in the app.

In addition, those who use this powerful digital marketing tool can see metrics and insights. For example, it is possible to evaluate the number of views of a publication and better understand your audience.

It’s great for anyone who wants to simplify their marketing processes without losing all the benefits of Facebook. Best of all: its use is completely free. Just have a page on the social network and a professional account on Instagram


We can consider Hubspot as a hub for your marketing. It has a great free-to-use option for those still trying digital marketing tools but isn’t sure which option.

Anyone looking for a place to organize campaign leads and contacts and manage tasks and teams has found the right option. This CRM allows you to create sales funnels, automate emails and generate reports.

Like Trello, it’s also available in an app version to keep you connected even when you’re away from your computer. It also allows you to create and manage a marketing team and quickly.

Yoast SEO

Is your site WordPress? Great, in this case, we recommend one of the most used plugins by agencies for SEO: Yoast. This WordPress plugin evaluates your page and content to determine if it is suitable for getting the best placement within Google.

A friendly and simple-to-understand interface helps to optimize texts of all kinds. Once you start using your website, your website will be much better optimized, from blog posts to institutional pages.

Yoast has a free version, but we strongly advise paying for the premium features. In addition, they offer learning experiences for those who want better to understand the world of SEO and digital marketing.

Google My Business

Nowadays, everyone wants to be among the first results of Google, and we understand that. However, nothing beats finding your user at the time of the purchase decision and still being able to generate authority and trust, all with just a link on a search page.

The good news is that Google does not stop innovating and generating tools that facilitate the positioning of local businesses on the first pages. One is Google My Business, a free and essential tool for anyone who wants to appear in searches and on Google Maps.

You create a simple record for your office, clinic, or hospital and manage your business file through it. There you can include services, contact forms, and even your website. The more up-to-date you can keep My Business, the better your chances of being found by a potential patient.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the available tools when creating your Google Ads account. Before mentioning ads directly, we start by talking about them because this is a great way to find assertive content for your site.

Keyword Planner helps with keyword research by showing an estimated number of monthly searches for search terms and ad competitions. You can define which words are most relevant to your site and start creating content that brings results.

It is also great for creating SEO-optimized text, allowing you to choose secondary keywords that will be spread throughout the content.

Facebook Ads

Unfortunately, the times of being successful organically on Facebook and Instagram are over. Today the reach for business accounts is minimal, and many have difficulty finding their audience, even when using quality content. Utilizing advertising tools is the best way to acquire new patients.

Facebook Ads is one of the essential tools for anyone working in digital marketing in healthcare. Creating campaigns, monitoring their progress, and issuing reports are possible.

The variety of paid ads you can create in the ad manager is amazing. Start trying them out to understand why so many agencies love their results from this tool.

Google Ads

You can’t escape paid content on the internet. The websites you visit are the most Youtube videos, apps, and today’s biggest search tool. Google Ads is a way for your clinic, office, or hospital to be on the first page immediately, greatly increasing your visibility.

The Google Ads tool enables the creation of highly targeted campaigns. In addition, your audience definitions help you find people who are genuinely interested in your business and have a high chance of getting in touch.

The best way to work is to combine a good SEO strategy with paid ads. Then, you will be among the first results, no matter how and when your patient searches.

Digital marketing tools must be used together. Their combination makes them powerful to sell their services and bring more and more patients to offices, clinics, and hospitals. Have you tried any of them? Tell us in the comments.

Google Analytics (one of Google’s main digital marketing tools)

Have you ever wanted to know who accessed your site and how they related to each page? There is a free tool from Google to get this data, Analytics. It is one of the most important digital marketing tools for monitoring a website and measuring successful outcome metrics.

In addition, it generates simple-to-understand reports and graphs for the medical marketer. Some of the metrics we were able to measure with the tool include:

  • Real-time: activities that users carry out at this exact moment on your website, such as the number of active people, pages being accessed, location of origin of traffic, and even where it came from;
  • Acquisition: Shows which channels brought visitors in a certain time, such as social networks, direct access, and organic search;
  • Behavior: evaluates the behavior pattern of users, such as which pages they visit in sequence and when they usually leave the section;
  • Access Device: This shows the number of users accessing mobile devices and desktops.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is free and beneficial to your site and appears much better in organic results! Please don’t leave this one out when choosing which digital marketing tools to use, as it is a basic tool for SEO work.

You can register your website URLs to help Google display it in organic results faster through the platform. As search engine bots scan the site, they find errors that can interfere with the user experience and Google parameters and, consequently, the organic positioning of the site.

Thus, the manager can fix them faster and get as many hits as possible. In addition, the Search Console lets you see which sites have links to your portal, allowing for a good job of link building.


Have your target audience or professional colleagues been talking well about you? This question is in the minds of those who work with digital marketing tools at all times, but it isn’t easy to answer. When we try to search manually, we need to follow different hashtags and look for mentions without any guide.

Buzzsumo is a paid tool that does this work for you. It tracks mentions on various social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so you know how your digital reputation is doing.

To make everything even better, it allows you to find relevant influencers in your area of ​​expertise. In other words, it helps create strategic partnerships to achieve even more success with your social networks.

I reported

Evaluating the results of a digital marketing strategy for a dental and medical office is one of the great difficulties for those who have just started in the area. The information is spread across healthcare social media marketing and website design managers, making comparisons difficult.

This is where Reporter comes in, a paid metrics analysis tool that integrates all types of digital marketing networks and devices, such as:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Google My Business;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Pinterest;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Google Ads;
  • LinkedIn.

Can you imagine how your life would be simpler and more practical, checking all the results of these networks in the same place? In this instance, you must identify the Reporter.


Like Report, Mlabs has very useful reporting tools. It complements its functions by allowing the analysis of competitor profiles and, its main function, the scheduling of publications.

Many people have difficulty managing clinics and finding time to post on social media simultaneously. The big problem is that it’s too late or too early to get the public’s attention when posting.

Solve this difficulty with a scheduling tool that integrates several social networks, including LinkedIn, Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram.


WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) widely used for all websites. We recommend its use for everyone, whether they have an advanced level of programming knowledge or are new to the industry. It is an intuitive and cur visual configuration tool in most of its themes, eliminating the need to program pages to change them.

It is the most used manager for websites worldwide and receives frequent updates. Thus, you can keep your portal safe from intrusions, phishing, spam, and other common techniques hackers use.

There are additional reasons to employ it: it has widgets that help you optimize your site’s SEO. Yoast, which we discussed earlier, is only available for WordPress and makes all the difference in getting an optimized page.

Trello and Google Calendar

Are your social media and marketing tasks spread across multiple notebooks and notebooks? This is more common than you think! So common that there are already some tools that have become a rage among marketers.

Google Calendar and Trello are among the favorites of many regarding productivity-oriented digital marketing tools. They allow sharing of calendars and boards (in the case of Trello), helping to grate the team remotely.

In addition, they are updated in real-time, as long as the user is connected to the internet.

RD Station

We imagine that you’ve heard a lot about the use of email marketing, but you’ve never been able to put it into practice. After all, emails sent out in bulk end up in users’ spam folders, and it isn’t easy to configure them to be visually appealing in traditional tools like Outlook.

RD Station is one of the most used marketing automation platforms. It offers options for creating emails with a visual editor, which greatly speeds up the process. In addition, it allows the creation of landing pages to capture leads and automation funnels.

Image banks

The most recommended is to work with copyrighted images (i.e., produced by the clinic or hospital itself) or from image banks. They have usage rights released for advertising, helping to ensure the security of your business during use.

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