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What is online tutoring and how does it work?

What is online tutoring and how does it work using the online whiteboard collaboration tool?

Many students in schools have varied learning styles and are unable to keep up with a single instructor teaching at least 20-30 students at a time(online tutoring).

Online Whiteboard for education


Many students are forced to employ tutors after school in order to finish the course content within the academic year.

These classes can be delivered in person or online by tutors. Teachers can train students utilizing e-learning items and resources using online tutoring using an online whiteboard collaboration tool. Academic assistance for students, exam preparation, and application assistance are the key offerings. Students may use online coaching to improve their conceptual clarity, apply these concepts to problem-solving, and assess their progress through periodic exams.

Online tutors: 

Using cutting-edge technology, the best online tutoring services are delivered to pupils. For example, mentor support allows students to be instructed remotely utilizing computers rather than the traditional notebook and pen format. Both the teacher and the student use a stylus pen to write on a digital whiteboard, comparable to writing in a notebook. This adds to the naturalness and authenticity of online tutoring.

Mentor Aide’s advantages are available to online students: Math tutoring is one-on-one contact using an online whiteboard where students and tutors may both write (using a stylus pen). The tutor will guide the student through every stage of the problem-solving process. As a result, the student will be able to solve similar issues on his or her own.


 An independent mentor can follow the success of up to 30 students in each program, in addition to a tutor instructing and assessing the student. Examining the student’s class activities and test scores, the mentor examines the tutoring sessions and recognizes the student’s learning obstacles. In addition, the mentor provides students with tailored exams in order to measure their development.

Math Rating: Math Rating is a grading and incentive system for pupils that assess their development in math by examining their work objectively. Each student’s Math Rating score is the responsibility of the mentor.

The technology mentioned above is only one example of how online tuition benefits students in terms of learning, performance evaluation, and overall growth. To become the country’s premier online tutoring service, each of these online tutoring services makes the most of its technology and resources.

Content for online tutoring

Online tuitions might be beneficial to a student’s overall learning requirements. To assist pupils in achieving academic achievement, a variety of instructional strategies are used. Collaborative learning, engaging activities, tailored mentorship and help, and personalized instruction are some of the teaching strategies used. 

Topics to be discussed in class: With the student, determine the session’s aim and purpose.

Required Learning Material- The coach makes recommendations for required learning materials.

Procedure- In addition to instructional materials and instructions, the tutor is provided with instructional materials and directions to assist in the transfer of information to the student.

Assessment and Evaluation- The tutor is given criteria to use in assessing and evaluating the development of his or her students.

Student Sheet—A datasheet and worksheet for evaluating a student’s understanding of the tutor’s education.

Tools and guidance for pedagogy

When instructors have access to the necessary technology and resources, online tutoring is more successful. Teachers may more effectively educate and solve difficulties with technology-based solutions. It assists tutors in dealing with the following challenges in their normal teaching practices:

Ensure that all students, regardless of learning modality, acquire learning and comprehension abilities.

  • Students are encouraged to study and acquire a curricular interest.
  • To educate children on abstract or sophisticated concepts that are difficult for them to understand.
  • Allow your children to think freely and creatively.
  • Analyze student learning capacity in real-time and determine student strengths and weaknesses to personalize the teaching method.
  • Online tutors are given instructional resources and tools to assist them to educate and tracking students’ progress in order to address the aforementioned difficulties.

Teaching assistance from online tutoring

Digital training resources are employed to provide the best online tutoring experience to its students. It offers online learning environments as well as computer-assisted learning tools to academics. The instructional material is created through a combination of inter-school collaboration, pedagogical support, and independent content producers.

Teachers can teach effectively in a conventional classroom with a varied range of students using curriculum-specific modules created by instructors. Teachers can use an animated series of graphics included in a template to teach a certain subject in the class frame by frame while keeping the speed under control.

Learning Hour is a well-known online learning platform.
  1. The Learning Hour online educational support portal is available to students from all around the world.
  2. The following are some of the modules offered by Learning Hour:
  3. The information is highly animated to encourage active participation and interest-driven learning.
  4. professors can use live discussions with pupils by turning off the narrative
  5. Teachers should take a break and engage their pupils every 10-15 seconds.
  6. to the course’s already-existing materials
  7. Allows for information to be tailored to the teaching style of the instructor.
  8. It’s an excellent fit for the curriculum because it meets all of the school’s academic requirements.


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