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What is the best material for outdoor decking?

If you have a huge complex, you may make it more appealing by installing a nice floor. You may utilize a variety of flooring materials in your garden or complex. To floor your outdoor space, you can use composite decking, wood decking, plastic decking, concrete, or cement, depending on your preferences. Each of the flooring materials we discussed has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Does this article look at the best material for outdoor decking?

Composite Decking 

Types of Decking Materials 

Composite Decking 

This is one of the greatest types of flooring you can utilize for your outdoor flooring project. It’s not difficult to see why composite decking is superior to other flooring options. It will add elegance to your complex or backyard if you install composite or wood plastic composite decking. When you choose wood plastic composite decking to floor your complex, it will also raise the value of your property. This means that the value of your home will rise. Aside from its visual appeal, komposittrall is simple to maintain once installed in your home.

You may clean the top of your wood plastic composite decking with a towel or a broom to remove dirt. Unlike wood decking, this outdoor flooring material does not require sanding, staining, painting, or sealing. Oil, alcohol, grease, or paint will not penetrate the boards of your wood plastic composite decking. You may quickly wipe oil stains off the surface of your WPC decking with a gentle brush and soapy water. When you consider how long wood plastic composite decking lasts, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the greatest flooring options.

Wood-plastic composite decking is long-lasting and may last up to 25 years depending on the quality you buy. No other outdoor flooring material can keep its appearance for as long as this one. There’s more to composite decking than meets the eye. When foot traffic is heavy, the color or surface pigment of wood plastic composite decking will not fade quickly. Additionally, when you install composite decking outside, the sun’s UV rays will not degrade the color.

Wood Decking 

Wood Decking 

Another outdoor flooring material you may use to floor your complex is wood or wooden decking. Although wood decking is attractive, it pales in comparison to composite decking as a flooring option. Wood decking may be divided into two sorts. Hardwood decking is constructed from trees like redwood and cedar, whereas softwood decking is made from spruce and pine. Chemicals are required to make the former solid, but the latter does not require chemicals because it is inherently strong.

Wood decking, whether softwood or hardwood, has the benefit that homeowners prefer the traditional wood appearance. Wood decking has a number of drawbacks that make it unsuitable for use as an outdoor flooring surface. The most significant downside of wood decking is its upkeep. Wood decking is tough to maintain since it needs sanding, sealing, staining, or painting. You must perform this time-consuming and exhausting chore of preserving wood decking on a regular basis. In addition, the upkeep of timber or wood decking as an outdoor flooring material will cost you money. Aside from upkeep, the lifespan of wood decking is less than that of wood plastic composite decking.

Wood decking can last for roughly 10 years if you use it to cover your outside space. This is because rain, snow, and other elements of nature may quickly damage and ruin your wood decking outdoor flooring material. If exposed to the weather, wood decking will expand, shatter, warp, crack, and splinter. Wood decking is not a choice if you want a beautiful appearance since it must be painted or stained. If you don’t paint, you’ll have to live with the appearance of aged wood.

PVC decking 

PVC decking 

Decking made of plastic You may also utilize plastic or PVC decking as an utomhusgolv option for your complex. Plastic decking, like composite decking, is long-lasting and sturdy. When exposed to the outdoors, however, unlike wood decking, plastic decking will not swell, rot, crack, splinter, or warp. Cleaning your plastic decking is a simple way to maintain it. Plastic decking also lasts longer and is more bug resistant than wood decking. Plastic decking is better than wood decking in terms of aesthetic value but not as excellent as composite decking. This is due to the matte texture of wood plastic composite decking, which plastic decking lacks.

Cement vs. Concrete Material for outdoor concrete slab flooring

Cement vs. Concrete Material for outdoor concrete slab flooring

Concrete is a different type of outdoor flooring that you may use to cover your outdoor area. This type of outdoor flooring can last for a long time. However, it is not appealing to the eye. Concrete will also crack over time as a result of temperature fluctuations.


What is the best material for outdoor flooring? Aesthetically pleasant flooring materials, such as composite decking, are ideal for use in your complex. It should also be long-lasting, solid, and simple to maintain.

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