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What is the most interesting thing in Gujarati wedding?

Gujarat is known for both its delectable vegetarian cuisine and amazing culture. Gujarati weddings typically feature a variety of culinary items as well as their rich culture, as they are considered to be much more than merely a collection of ritualistic rites. There are several pre- and post-wedding rites, and their weddings are filled with rituals.

Gujarati wedding celebrations are lavish fairs with loads of dancing, food, and entertainment. The groom’s family makes all the plans for the wedding traditions, which begin with the engagement which is also known as Chanlo Matli. A basket packed with treats and presents has been carried by the bride as good luck. After a brief ceremony, the guest is served food and desserts. Now comes the most unique portion of Gujarati wedding customs, called Garba, when both families get together for a lavish party before the wedding day and dance in pairs with dandiya sticks. Following Garba, the bride is painted with turmeric paste at the Pithi ceremony, which is performed by all the female ladies.

The following are some interesting facts about the Gujarati wedding:

Garba Night: The dance known as garba respects, reveres, and celebrates the feminine aspect of divinity. The dance is traditionally performed by ladies in a circle around a garbha deep, a clay lantern with a light. So, the energetic atmosphere is created by the dhol beats and the steps of Garba and Dandiya. People dance to the sounds of Garba while donning traditional Gujarati outfits in a variety of colors. The music is upbeat and remixes are played during the wedding festivities.

Gujarati Wedding Garba

Replacement of Alcohol by Chaas: Every Gujarati wedding must serve this buttermilk-based beverage that is incredibly cooling. Additionally, you will see individuals competing in chaas drinking contests. Alcohol is not served at these weddings.

Food: Gujarati cuisine is a wonderful fusion of beautiful flavors and textures, and it is delicious vegetarian food. Gujaratis enjoy eating a lot, and they liberally season it with spices and salt. As there are ample delicious food items such as dhokla, fafda, Basundi and many other which are enjoyed by the wedding attendees.

Special welcome: The bride’s mother gives the groom a very unique greeting. The bride’s mother performs aarti during a ritual called Ponkhana, after which she playfully tugs the groom’s nose and goes with him to the wedding location. This indicates that the groom must be respectful and considerate of the bride and her family.

Aeki Beki: After the bride’s warm welcome the Aeki Beki ceremony is performed. This ceremony is a kind of fun game where silver coins and rings are arranged in a dish with milk and water and the ring is hidden from the bride and groom, and it is said that whoever finds it first will control the marriage.

A Gujarati wedding is a dynamic event full of love and passion, like all the cultures in this unique nation. It combines several different traditions with a touch of playfulness. The entertaining traditional and folk wedding songs and dancing styles from Gujarat are the icings on the cake.

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