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What is True Love?

Love is flawed, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world yet flawed. Love is a drug, the intense emotions of compassion, adoration, respect towards another person. It is what stays when nothing else stands. But how would you describe true love? How do you differentiate the love of a parent or a friend from a partner? You’ve respect, adoration, compassion in all three of them, love is unconditional no matter what form, what is different is the level of respect, adoration and compassion you hold. 

Love is patient and kind yet it can be selfish. It is beautiful yet there are days when it can be ugly. It can be fought and screaming. You can never determine what love is “the one”. You just have to take the leap and follow your heart because even if it’s selfish, ugly and can be fighting and screaming, it’s a safe place. It stands and stays patient despite all. True love is the love that stays no matter what happens, no matter how ugly and rough things become. It always stays and preserves.

Often love, infatuation, and obsession become similar for some people. They fail to realise the difference and mistake the obsession and infatuation to be love. How do you differentiate? How do you really know what is true and what is just plain obsession? 

How is True Love different? 

In honest opinion, one never knows which love is true love, you just have to follow your heart and take a leap of faith but true love does have certain qualities that makes it different from any other type of love. 

1. You both are open to discussion with each other

It’s important to feel heard in any relationship. It is important to listen to your partner and understand their opinion but at the same time, this even means that you’ve to be open and comfortable enough to give your opinion and understand each other’s point of views and perspectives. 

“font-weight: 400;”>You are both open enough to have discussions about anything. You are not afraid of being vulnerable or feeling judged. The comfort level in a relationship is a very important aspect. 

2. Loyalty, honesty and integrity 

While you and your partner can have different opinions, you must have the same morals and values. The most important part of a relationship is being loyal and honest. Even if you commit blunders and you are scared, you need to be upfront with your partner and get through it together. 

3. Open to having new adventures

As much as you get comfortable in a routine, you both try to keep the spark alive and are open to new adventures instead of repeating your same boring everyday activities. You both make time for each other and do things that push you out of your comfort zone. Moreover, you are open to it. It is not a compulsion but a choice. 

4. Respecting boundaries

While you are a couple, it is important to understand that you are two separate individuals who need their time and space to cope and deal with things sometimes and have a certain limit. It is important in any relationship to be respectful and not cross your partner’s boundaries and make them feel suffocated. You can remind them that you are there for them but certainly don’t try forcing them into things they aren’t comfortable with.

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5. Don’t let your past or any third person come in between

Don’t jeopardise your relationship for your past or a third person. It is important to realise that the past is past for a reason. “Don’t let your past come in the way of a beautiful future”. You both are a team and you need to work as a team and be united. Your relationship should not be that weak to be broken up by any third person. 

6. Share your thoughts with each other.

It is very important to share your thoughts with your partner in a relationship. Both the partners should listen to each other. It often happens in a relationship that you both don’t agree on a particular thing. This is completely fine. There may be some things that you don’t like and there might be some things that your partner may not like. But you have to understand each other. You have to respect each other’s thoughts. 

No relationship is perfect in today’s time. We all have to make small adjustments. But if the love between the partners is true, then nothing can stop you.

Love is not always butterflies and rainbows. It comes with challenges and limits, but one needs to stand through them. Preserve it if you have got something as beautiful as true love. Don’t be afraid to take leaps. 

I hope this article helps you to understand what true love is. For more such articles, you can visit Republic Quote. They provide the best love quotes.

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