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What Photo To Put On A LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency

What Photo To Put On A LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency

Achieving a good LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency profile means knowing how to value your professional experience and skills, but it also means putting a profile photo that reflects your professional image.

LinkedIn is a social network dedicate the professional world

Before embarking on the conquest of LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency, it is important to know the keys to this social network. Very useful for networking, selling, finding a job or simply keeping watch in your sector, you have to keep in mind that LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency has nothing to do with friends from before or Facebook.

To talk about your last vacation or meet up with friends, this is not the place.

8 tips for having a good photo on Linkedin

The photo is the first thing that catches the eye of LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency, so no question of choosing it at random. Here are 5 essential tips :

1 – A professional photo that reflects your personality and your field

The photo of a LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency profile must reflect the personality of the person and his professional field. Logically, a person with high responsibilities in a company will not be in sportswear, just as a mechanic on Linkedin will not be in a three-piece suit. This photo must therefore correspond to the professional environment.

2 – Smile: to look friendly on Linkedin

Having a professional photo does not mean that it is forbidden to smile, quite the contrary! Look friendly, energetic, and open! It’s not easy in a photo to convey this message, a friendly smile takes work. And for those who are struggling, seek professional advice.

3- No close-up on Linkedin

Many people make the mistake of putting in big shots. Do you have beautiful eyes and want to take a closer look? Error! On a good profile picture, we must be able to identify your face and also your posture so the right approach is to put a portrait.

4- Pay attention to the decor on your Linkedin profile picture

The background will also be combed through. You have hobbies, that’s fine, but it would be detrimental to show them in your profile picture. Just like your last photo in the Caribbean which will not highlight your professionalism. A sober and not too busy decor will work best, it is proven. Finally, avoid cropping a group photo, it will be seen for sure.

5- Simply a quality photo

A clear, good-quality photo will be the main asset of a good profile. No selfie but a good quality portrait, neat decor, and dress, a smile but no hobbies… simply are sober and professional.

6- Add a beautiful professional photo

BE CAREFUL, this needs to be nuanced slightly. The theme of your photo may indeed depend on your situation and field. The employee of a large multinational (or aspirant) has every interest in proposing a classic and smiling pro photo. When will the millennial startup be able to give free rein to his how? As someone who wants us to understand his work and his skills and above all, as someone who wants us to find him great opportunities.

7- Diverse and clear contact details

Email, telephone, Skype, Twitter… Being visible is good. Being available is better!

8- “About” or “Summary”

Use your pen to convince. LinkedIn offers you 2000 characters to set up your marketing and sales strategy, just below your contact details. A visible text and of great importance in short.

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