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What Should You Look For in a High Quality Artificial Grass?

Among the many factors to consider when buying high quality artificial grass, you have to consider the durability, colorfastness, weight, and easy installation. Read on to learn how to find the right product for your needs. You can also consider other factors, such as the price range, but remember to keep in mind the tips in this article. You will be glad you did! Keep reading! Let’s begin! What Should You Look For in a High Quality Artificial Grass?

High Quality Artificial Grass


A common question people ask is, “How durable is artificial grass?” This question can be answered in several ways. First, you should consider how the grass is constructed. It has thousands of individual blades made of plastic that are stitched to a backing material. The strength of these blades will have a major impact on the overall durability of the grass. Here are some tips to consider when buying artificial grass. After all, this kind of lawn is not going to be in your house for a very long time.

The durability of artificial grass depends on the quality of the materials used and the installation. It can be durable for a short time but will eventually lose its softness. Concrete, on the other hand, is time-tested and will not lose its firmness over time. While concrete and artificial grass are both durable, they do require some site preparation and pouring. Fortunately, you can find high-quality materials to choose from and use them with confidence.

When buying artificial grass, you should make sure to consider its pile density. A high-density pile will have approximately 18,000 stitches per square meter. This density level is best for areas that receive a lot of traffic, such as an outdoor patio. However, don’t make your choice solely on the density level; you also need to consider the angles that the grass will be exposed to. Moreover, it’s crucial to know whether the pile density is good enough for the specific application and environment.


To choose the right color for your outdoor space, you need to consider the performance characteristics of artificial grass yarn. You can find artificial grass yarn in a wide variety of colors, designs, and performance levels. Each one scores differently. Consider how the color of the yarn will complement the surroundings, and whether it will blend in or stand out. Keep in mind that fading will occur over time and with exposure to sunlight. You can determine fading from older samples.

Synthetic grass is made from a specialized fiber called creel, which holds bobbins of yarn. A critical fall height is the height below which a person will not sustain a life-threatening injury. Colorfastness is also important, since it protects against fading in the sun and other elements. A good rule of thumb is a fall height of approximately four feet. This height may seem low, but it is still important to consider fall hazards.

Easy to install

If you are looking to install a good-quality, easily-removable lawn, you will find that it is easier than you might have thought. It can be easy to install because it requires little or no experience. Whether you are installing grass on a patio, deck, or driveway, you can follow these easy steps. Make sure to use a sharp knife when cutting the grass, as the edges can be delicate. There are two main methods for securing artificial grass. One method involves using a carpet tack to weigh the loose-lay grass down.

Unlike traditional lawns, you can install artificial grass yourself in most cases. However, if you have limited skills, you may want to hire a landscaper to do the work. Inexperienced landscapers may find this process daunting. Fortunately, there are many companies that make the process easy, cheap, and enjoyable. To learn more about how to install good-quality artificial grass, contact Purchase Green today! You can be proud of the results.

To lay artificial grass on a concrete surface, you’ll first need to clean it thoroughly. You’ll want to remove any debris from the surface to evaluate the level of the concrete. After this, you can then begin installing your new grass. You can also use a plate compactor to compact the grass on large areas. Just be sure to wear knee pads so that your knees are protected. Using the correct tools for the job is essential.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an artificial grass product is the pile height. The higher the face weight, the denser the fibers. A high pile height will withstand more foot traffic and require less maintenance. This characteristic is important for outdoor applications, such as patios, pools, and sports fields. However, you may need to adjust the pile height if you have a lot of traffic on your grass.

You can check the weight of a piece of artificial grass by inspecting the blades. Generally, manufacturers send free samples. These are small samples, but can help you narrow down a list of companies for a site visit. You can also leave the sample for future reference. If you want a higher quality product, consider purchasing a grass with a higher face weight. Otherwise, you may face serious matting issues and other damages after a few months.

The face weight of an artificial grass can also help you determine its density. A grass that is sixty ounces in weight is denser and durable than one with a lower face weight. Usually, the more dense the yarn fibers, the more dense it feels and the more durable it will be. Higher face weight can also be costly, so check the price before you buy. But it is worth it in the long run.

UV resistance

A good quality artificial grass can withstand the sun’s rays without losing its vibrant color. Its UV resistance will keep it colorfast for years. It has a polypropylene backing and a high pile of 1.38 inches. Depending on its quality, it may be paired with an infill for increased durability. Many of these types of grass are durable and resistant to foot traffic, but they lack the innate characteristics of a real houseplant.

UV-resistant artificial grass is manufactured with UV stabilizers to prevent the color from fading. Most of today’s artificial grasses are made with a UV stabilizer before being woven into blades. This helps reduce the chance of fading to under eight percent over the course of ten years. It is also crafted from materials that are highly strain and fade-resistant. For this reason, the majority of top-quality artificial grasses will not fade.

Another benefit of using high-quality artificial grass is its UV resistance. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass can survive the sun for hours without fading. Whether it’s placed on a patio or a front lawn, it’s protected from damage by the sun. Moreover, it’s durable enough to withstand high foot traffic, extreme temperatures, and even direct sunlight. It also resists moisture and is child and pet-friendly.

High Quality Artificial Grass

Weight of blades

The weight of the blades of a good quality artificial grass is an important factor to consider. A thin blade is likely to crumble when pulled, while a heavy blade is likely to stay put for several decades. The density of the blade is also an important factor to consider. The thicker the blade, the more durable it will be. Also, consider the stitch gauge, which is the gauge used for manufacturing the grass.

Another indicator of a quality artificial grass is its face weight. This tells you how dense the artificial grass blades are and how durable they are. A lawn with a face weight of 60 ounces or more is going to feel denser and more durable than one with a lower face weight. Also, higher face weight means higher density yarn fibers, which will give the lawn a fuller look. The higher the face weight, the higher the quality of the grass and therefore the cost.

The length of the blades of good quality Artificial Grass is also important. The blades of a good quality artificial grass are approximately 30mm long. Longer blades have a luxurious look, but will bend over time, which will make it more difficult to maintain. If you’re planning to play football on your turf, make sure to select a product with a 30-37mm blade length. A 30-37mm pile height is the best choice for high-traffic areas, while a 40-inch blade height will make the lawn look luxurious.

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