What to do arts students after 12th

After 12th, this question often revolves in the minds of students about what to do arts students after 12th, if you have doubt in your mind that which course should be done after 12th arts. Which is the best course after 12th arts, that is, what are the best courses after 12th arts, which you should do. Nowadays every student wants to get a job immediately after the course. But now it comes to the matter of job oriented courses. Which is quite popular in the present time, and they also have very attractive job prospects. Best course after 12th arts stream.

What to do after 12th students of Arts stream

In this post we will tell you about Top 10 Courses after 12th Arts. These courses are very popular. If you do these courses from a good college and hard work, then surely you will get the job easily.

Top Course after 12th arts stream:

1. Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism

This course is of 3 years duration. After completing this course, you can make a career in media. Such as Journalist in Newspapers and Journals, TV Journalist, TV Anchor, Public Relations Officer, Content Writer, Film Director, Cameraman in News Channel, Content Writer in News Channel, Film Script Writer, Film Video Editor, Video Editor in News Channel There are plenty of job opportunities in the online web portal in the fields of Content Writer, Event Manager etc.

2. Bachelor of Hotel Management

If you have a sense of service and hospitality, then you can step into this sector. Hotel management courses after 12th. There are plenty of career opportunities in this field too. Through this course, you can get an opportunity to work as Hotel Manager, Director of Hotel Manager Operations, Hotel Floor Supervisor etc. Very attractive salary is available in this industry.

3. Bachelor in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is very popular among the youth these days. Because the way people like to wear new trends and fashion clothes and accessories, the career prospects in this sector are also increasing. After completing the fashion designing course, you can choose a career in the manufacture of lifestyle accessories, and clothing. Here you can make a career as Export House, Garment Store, Jewellery House, Textile Mill, Boutique Fashion Designer, Pattern Maker, Fashion Coordinator, Garment Store Chain, Fashion Stylish, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Choreographer etc.

4. Bachelor in Animation

Animation is a very popular course in today’s time. The reason for this is that at present it is used more in the entertainment industry. There was a time when animation was used only in Hollywood films. There were limited opportunities then. But now animation is also used in Bollywood films, ad films. Apart from this, cartoon films have created a buzz. In the field of animation, you have immense career opportunities in film production houses, TV news channels, digital film making etc. It is very important to have creativity and imagination to get into this sector.

5. Bachelor of Performing Arts

Presently performing arts is also a very good career option. After completing this course, there are career opportunities in the film industry as choreographer, dancer, actor, theatre artist, film actor, TV serial actor, anchoring and music. Performing arts is the favourite course of today’s youth.

6. Bachelor of Computer Application

Students who have interest in computer science after 12th, then BCA i.e Bachelor of Computer Application course is a very good option for such students. This is a 3 year course. After this course, you can work as a software engineer, software developer, game designer, software programmer etc. after mastering computer science. Apart from the country, there are plenty of employment opportunities in computer science in foreign countries as well.

7. Bachelor in Event Management

Event management is a very popular career option in today’s time. Through this course you can organise any big function. As an event manager, one has the responsibility of organising big functions like royal wedding ceremonies, TV show functions, corporate seminars, film awards, fashion shows, music launches, etc. In the last few years, more career opportunities have increased in this,

8. Bachelor in Interior Designing

Interior designing is a good course for those students who have a better creative mind and better designing skills. The job of an interior designer is to give an attractive look to the house, office, goods, etc. After the interior designing course, you can also work as a set designer in films and TV serials. At present, there are plenty of employment opportunities in this field.

9. Bachelor in Fine Arts

Fine Art is a very good course for the students of Arts stream. Through the Fine Arts course, you get job opportunities in many sectors. Through this course, you can make a career as animation, illustrator, film set designer, art professional, art director etc.

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