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What Types of Electronic Christian Music Are You Listening To?

Electronic Christian Music

If you have ever wondered what electronic Christian music sounds like, you’ve come to the right place. From Gospel house to Against Deception, Rivertribe, and Scott Blackwell, we’ve got the genre covered. Take a listen to some of our favorite tracks and decide for yourself if you’ll be singing along with them any time soon! There are even more types of electronic Christian music out there than you might think!

Gospel house

Gospel house is an electronic genre inspired by the sound of gospel music. It combines choir vocals, featuring a featured soloist, and a variety of percussion instruments, such as drums and tambourines. The vocals are usually repetitive, using the “call and response” singing format.

Gospel house electronic Christian music is typically played at a tempo of 128 BPM, with some songs playing half-time at 64 BPM or double-time at 256 BPM. These songs are a mix of Christian music and mainstream EDM.

Its modernized form has gained a lot of popularity among younger people and has spawned its own radio and television stations. Its traditional form of music is still the staple of the African American community, although contemporary gospel is also a popular style. There are many artists influenced by gospel music.

Against Deception

Against Deception is an electronic Christian music project founded by Tammy Kempf. This project is dedicated to spreading the word of truth and is influenced by the sounds of EDM and trance. The songs on Fly Heights Unknown are powerful and set the ambiance for a positive spiritual vibe.

Against Deception is a musical divinity that spreads the word of God through sublime lyrical ballads. Their aim is to bring everlasting peace to the world using EDM Trance music. The band’s members believe that the music will reset the darkness in the world and restore peaceful order. The music has caught the attention of many in the EDM Trance music community. Their music is an exciting blend of Christian and Pop styles.


If you’re into electronic Christian music, you’ve probably heard of Rivertribe. This Australian world music band has just released their third album, Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble. The group’s debut album follows Journey and The Blessing. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble is a worship song that incorporates flutes, Middle Eastern-styled violins, didgeridoo, and Indian percussion. It features some excellent melodies and sounds.

 The album is worshipful and innovative, combining electronic new age sounds with various world music instruments. Like Rocketown’s Apt•Core album, this group draws inspiration from the afro-Celt Sound System, which appears on Peter Gabriel’s Real-World label. Despite the different genres, Rivertribe’s debut album is an eclectic mix that’s a beautiful musical tapestry. Though a bit off-beat, Rivertribe’s first-rate performance shows that worship music can go beyond the traditional worship setting.

 The band’s debut album, “The New Age of Christianity,” features a plethora of world music instruments, such as the didgeridoo, violins, and African drums. While some music may sound like it belongs in the new age, Rivertribe’s electronic Christian music is definitely worth listening to. 

Scott Blackwell

Disc jockey Scott Blackwell has made his mark in electronic Christian music by pioneering the sanctified dance genre. After his critically-acclaimed debut albums in the early 1990s, Blackwell continued to release quality Christian music, helping to produce many other albums. Although most notable as a DJ, Blackwell also founded the label N-Soul Records and has released many acclaimed albums. In a recent interview, Blackwell discussed the influence of the United Kingdom and the impact his experiences there had on his music career.

Christian EDM, aka “electronic dance music,” has gone through a heavenly transformation. Featuring the same thumping bass and laser lights of EDC, Future Sound of Worship’s lyrics are Christian. The genre’s fan base has expanded to include teenagers and ex-ravers alike. Some EDM DJs have even remixed Christian worship songs, proving that there are fans of the genre in every musical genre. Christian EDM communities also provide faith-based substance abuse counseling.

Amy Grant

Before making her electronic Christian debut, Amy Grant had achieved mainstream success through her pop career. The songs from her debut album, “Myrrh,” peaked at number one on the charts of pop, gospel, and adult contemporary music. In 1978, Amy Grant graduated from high school, and began performing at concerts throughout the United States. She received her sixth Grammy Award for the album Rock of Ages… Hymns & Faith.

Her music has also received numerous Grammy nominations and Dove Awards, and she has had many successful singles on the pop and contemporary Christian charts. Her philanthropic work is well-known, and she and her husband, Vince Gill, have answered questions from fans on their recent tour. Amy Grant has also received numerous honors, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While her Christian music may have a secular appeal, it is also meaningful to people of faith. They make us think of God and his love for mankind. Amy Grant’s music is a powerful testimony to faith, and her faith in the goodness of humankind is inspirational. Amy Grant’s music has been a catalyst for positive change, and her songs have helped us understand this truth.

Michael W. Smith

In 2001, Michael W. Smith released his debut album, Worship. The title track, “Healing Rain,” reached No. 1 on the Radio & Records chart. It was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Pop/Contemporary Gospel category. The next year, Smith released another album, “Stand,” which is similar to Healing Rain but features more Christian-themed songs.

Despite his religious beliefs, Smith’s songs often feature secular themes. His third album, “You’re Old Enough to Know,” features songs about teen suicide and media brainwashing. The album also won the 2015 Dove Award for “Christmas Album of the Year.” 

With his work, Christian music is now on a new level. He has recorded more than 40 albums, and he continues to write beautiful songs of worship for millions of people. In 2009, he became a part of the Gospel Hall of Fame.

Since his debut in 2007, Michael W. Smith has branched out into electronic Christian music and continues to tour. His current tour features his first solo effort, “The River”, and his first two singles, “Never Too Far Gone.” Nathan Tasker and Jordan Feliz are acoustic singers, both of whom are based in the West Virginia area. Whether you want to enjoy acoustic rock, Christian pop, or electronic Christian music, Michael W. Smith is an excellent choice for a concert.

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