Where Do Files Go When Deleted from Flash Drive? Stepwise Guide

Deleted data files can often be found in the recycle bin. However, there are cases where deleted files are permanently removed from your computer. Where do files go when I delete them from a flash drive? If the files are not in the trash, can I return them? This blog provides the complete answer.

Deleting files is a very common operation that helps you remove unnecessary files. Every computer user has probably used this method to free up disk space. However, you may find that the deleted files are still useful for your work or school. By this point, you will be thinking about questions such as: where do files go after deletion and how to recover deleted files? Read on to solve your dilemma.

We all know that when we delete files from the computer’s hard drive, they are moved to the recycle bin so that some users can restore them if necessary. However, many users report that deleted pen drive files do not appear in the recycle bin. This is because when you delete a file from a flash drive, the file is not stored in the recycle bin but is immediately deleted by the system.

Is it possible to recover deleted files that were not saved in the recycle bin? confident! This is because when you delete a file from a flash drive, it is not completely deleted from the disk, but the space occupied by a piece of data remains free until it is occupied by new data.

Where Do Files Go When Deleted from Flash Drive? Method

A different situation occurs when deleting files from various types of media, for example, when deleting files from flash drives. The content below will show you how to recover files in these two specific situations.

Scenario 1: Restoring Data Files from the Recycle Bin

If you can find the deleted files in the recycle bin, you can easily complete the data recovery process.

  1. Double-click the Recycle or Trash icon to open it.
  2. Browse and choose the data files you want to recover.
  3. Right-click on it and press “Restore” from the context menu.
  4. You can also select these files and click the “Restore Selected Items” button on the top toolbar. The file will be restored to the location where it was deleted. Alternatively, you can drag it directly to the destination.

Where are the Deleted Files if They are not in the Recycle Bin?

Don’t panic. Just because your data is permanently lost doesn’t mean you can’t recover it. In fact, deleted files are not actually deleted. Otherwise, the pointer to the actual file will be deleted. At the same time, the file storage space will be marked as “free,” indicating that the file can be taken or overwritten with new data. Deleted files will be deleted when new data fills the space. Therefore, you can recover deleted data from a pen drive as long as you stop using the drive and avoid overwriting it. The Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool allows you to recover permanently deleted, lost, formatted files, photos, videos, audio and other files from various storage devices.

The software safely recover formatted data from pen drive, even if your device is formatted and partitions are lost or are unusable.

  1. The first screen of the wizard during download and installation.
  2. Pick the pen drive and hit Scan or Scan Format..
  3. Preview files and folders in the software panel.
  4. Save data from a flash drive to any location.

Final Words

Where do files go after being deleted from flash drive? I hope, after reading this post, you will get the answer to this question. Moreover, when you need to recover deleted files, including permanently deleted ones, you can use data recovery tools.

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